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28 Pics Showing The True Meaning of Fatherhood

Gone is the time when fathers were seen as rigid, strict, and imposing figures. Every now and then we come across one of those daddies that are so loving and proud of their children, we are unable to disguise our emotions and ear-to-ear smiles.

We at Bright Side want you to see these dads that melted our hearts in simplet yet tender moments and actions that showed us the real meaning of fatherhood.

1. Father and son having a nice time together, 30 years apart.

2. Father and daughter, growing up together

3. Kids always come first under any circumstances.

4. “Mama is out for the night. First bedtime by myself.”

5. “At the last minute my wedding photographer suggested I do first look photos with my dad. I think his reaction shows how lucky I am to have him as my father.”

6. A dad always finds creative solutions to protect his kids from any weather conditions.

7. He took his daughter to his graduation and 18 years later he proudly accompanied his daughter at her graduation.

8. Dad and daughter are dressed up to watch a Cinderella movie.

9. He tattooed it because his daughter passed away and it was the last thing she gave him before the accident.

10. “Happy Father’s Day to all the other Girl Dads out there!”

11. “My dad passed out after taking care of my sick brother all night.”

12. “My brother was the first to graduate with a Master’s in my family. My dad couldn’t stop crying.”

13. Dad helps his little girl to spin a hula hoop. Look how proud she is!

14. “My dad passed away when I was 16 from cancer and before he died he pre-payed for flowers so I could receive them every year on my birthday until I turned 21. This is my 21st birthday flowers and the last ones.”

15. “My friend has a lot of daughters. This is what his Halloween looks like.”

16. This dad uses a walking device for his paralyzed son, and his boy can’t contain his excitement!

17. Her school discovered she was undocumented and her scholarship & in-state tuition were taken away. Her dad supported her all these years, and she finally graduated.

18. This father is taking his daughter to a fun run.

19. “So my dad made sure my Reese’s wouldn’t melt.”

20. “Me holding my son at his 8th grade graduation vs. him holding me at his HS graduation”.

21. A school asked on Facebook for 50 volunteer fathers for an event, so kids who didn’t have a father or whose fathers couldn’t make it, would still enjoy it. 600 fathers from all backgrounds showed up.

22. This dad is marking out on a small soccer field, with his blind son’s hands, what’s going on down on the actual field.

23. “My dad volunteering as Batman bringing joy to kids fighting cancer at a children’s hospital.”

24. A father and his son dress in the same style.

25. “Went to a daddy-daughter dance and our previous years picture was used as the showcase photo, my daughter felt like a superstar.”

26. “Wife and I had a photoshoot. Wife did a pose and I...did what all dad’s do.”

27. He keeps the sun out of her eyes.

28. “I would like to introduce my first new born son (20 days old)...dress to impress.”

Tell us, which picture you like the most? Do you have an interesting story with your father? That is the moment to share it in the comment section!

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