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I Refused to Take Care of My Sick Mom and Now My Family Thinks I’m Selfish

Family relationships are full of ups and downs that can damage your bonds forever. Sometimes, small actions add up and end up wearing down the affection that you believed was unconditional. This time, a brave Redditor decided to finally speak about a very personal experience. He shared his terrible experience with his mother.

The end of a relationship is always painful, whether in love, friendship, or with a family member. Bright Side knows that every case is unique, but if you are in a similar situation to the person who shared this experience, here are some basic tips that could help you cope with it:

  • Listen and talk things out: Sometimes, lack of communication creates family misunderstandings. Creating an environment where everyone feels confident enough to talk about actions that hurt them without fearing being judged is essential.
  • Keep calm: It’s easy to lose control when sharing painful experiences. You can even come across as a rude person to others if you’re upset. Talking as calmly as possible is essential to improve communication and help avoid making things worse.
  • Listen to your feelings: Maybe someone else hurt you without realizing they did so. While for others, their action may seem meaningless, it might be a big deal for you. This does not mean that you are the one with the problem or that you are “too sensitive.” We are all different, and so are our feelings.
  • Take care of yourself: Sometimes, cutting ties with people who hurt you is the only solution to guarantee your mental well-being. Remember that putting yourself first and caring for yourself is a reasonable choice.

What do you think about this situation? What advice would you give to someone who does not know if they’re doing the right thing?

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