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Reddit Users Share the Most Toxic Things a Parent Can Say to a Child

When a Reddit user asked others about the toxic phrases they heard from their parents, no one expected that the thread would grow into such a huge discussion. Unfortunately, sometimes parents cross the line and stop censoring what they say. Oftentimes, it brings misunderstandings and offenses that can affect the kid-parent relationship well into the future.

We at Bright Side are all for sensible parenting and we call on everyone to stick to sane methods when it comes to raising kids. Meanwhile, we would like to share what phrases Reddit users heard from their parents that left a deep scar on their hearts up until now.

  • “We’re moving and you’re not welcome.” © LiaLovesCookies / Reddit
  • My sister’s childhood best friend lived with us for several years because her mother made good on that very threat. Her parents were divorced and her father lived out of town. Her mother decided she wanted to move and told the girl that her brother was moving too but she wasn’t welcome and could go live with her father instead.
    My sister’s friend didn’t want to move to where her father lived so she moved in with us and lived with us until she went away to college 5 years later. © DeaddyRuxpin / Reddit
  • That I’m useless and can’t do anything because I couldn’t open a jar of tomato sauce for my mom at 1 AM. © ianKenzo / Reddit
  • In my experience, divorced parents that say stuff like :
    “Don’t talk about that to your [other parent]” “Tell your [other parent] this” “Your [other parent] is trying to manipulate you.” “You see what [other parent] did? I’m not saying you should hate them, but isn’t it a bit mean that they did that?”
    It really screws with the kid’s head. If you’re ever going through a divorce and have children, please find a way to sort things out with your former spouse without involving your children more than necessary. © Loa_Ex_Machina / Reddit
  • My mom would always say “you hate me don’t you.” © perpetuatinstupidity / Reddit
  • “So you’re saying that I’m a bad parent” in response to any form of help-seeking or constructive criticism was the worst for me. © Derpchieftain / Reddit
  • Over and over again: “You’re not practical. You can’t do things around the house, you’re hopeless with a drill. You’ve never been able to do things like put up a shelf. Do you even know which end of the screwdriver to use?” Never mind that I built a car from scrap on a zero budget when I was 14. © ClassicsDoc / Reddit
  • My mom told me “well at least you’re pretty” with a super-condescending voice and a lot of pity on her face. Man... that made me feel bad. Still does sometimes. © Mcburgerdeys2 / Reddit
  • My mom would always say ugly remarks about my appearance, how no one will ever love me or be friends with me. I guess she’s right about that one. © angelhiyori / Reddit
  • Insulting your intelligence is a horrible thing for a parent to do. Something where if a friend or stranger had said it you might just laugh/shrug it off, but your own parent saying it? A good parent should stay away from anything that can ruin your self-esteem because they hold a lot more power than they tend to realize. © Positive-Mentality / Reddit
  • Constantly comparing you with your older siblings, and extremely different treatment. It makes you feel inferior to them and like no matter how much you try or do, it will never be enough. © mo95z / Reddit
  • My parents said I should’ve known who won every World Cup and the capital city of each country, meanwhile, they kept telling me to shut up whenever I asked questions. The whole time I was in school I tried my hardest to be the smartest person in the room, and still, now I don’t believe it when friends tell me I’m smart. © studyinpink8 / Reddit
  • My dad nicknamed me “Rock” because of my extreme stupidity (despite me being a straight-A student in the Gifted and Talented program). He encouraged my older siblings to call me that as well. They did, gleefully, often in front of other people. It hurt every time. I’m still mad about it. © PaxNao / Reddit

What other toxic phrases do you think a parent can say to their kid?

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