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10 Good Reasons Why Women Gave Up on Beauty Salon Procedures

Not very long ago, natural beauty was not trendy and girls were trying to enhance their appearances with certain beauty procedures, even though they made them feel really uncomfortable. And some girls even suffered at the hands of unprofessional workers at beauty salons. But today, more and more women are giving up on these formerly popular beauty trends and are choosing to look neat and natural. Bright-colored nails and overly tanned faces are things of the past.

We at Bright Side have talked to the girls that gave up on certain beauty procedures and who don’t visit beauty salons anymore. Every one of them has a good reason for it. And the bonus will tell you why one of them thinks that some beauty procedures only make a woman look cheap.

Mary stopped using gel nail polish because she couldn’t find a professional artist.

I always visited the same nail artists and got gel nail polish until I moved to a different town. There, I decided to find a new artist. I searched for one online and finally made a choice. So, the new “artist” wasted 5 hours of my and her time and the polish peeled off in 2 days.

I’ve never seen her again. Then, I went to a different artist, but it was pretty much the same: the polish peeled off after a week. In the end, I learned to do a good manicure on my own, I bought a high-quality polish remover, and different polishes. Now, I’m happy and I’m still wondering why I never did this before.

Jenny had eyelash extensions that made her eyes itch.

Why does nobody warn girls that this is really uncomfortable? It might look good in the beginning but when your eyes become itchy, you don’t care about the look. You just want to get the extensions off, no matter what. But you will be disappointed after anyway: your natural eyelashes will become thin and you will look like you don’t have eyelashes at all. And they don’t grow fast, unfortunately.

Anna stopped dying her hair because she was never satisfied with the result.

My experiments ended when I realized that the result was never what I expected. You come to the hairdresser, show them a picture of the color you want and they tell you they can do it. In the end, you get something completely different, plus your hair gets ruined by all the necessary procedures.

This is really unpleasant, especially when you take the price of the procedure into account. Now, professionals recommend using ammonia-free dyes, but the color wears off very fast, so it is really expensive to use. Your natural color is always better.

Alyson stopped using gel nail polish because it needs to be fixed every 2 weeks.

I like having short nails and fixing them with a file when they are covered in gel polish is hard. Ideally, you need to change the polish every 2 weeks but this is really expensive for me. Also, I’m not sure that my nails are all that healthy. I think that the gel polish makes them worse.

Once, I tried eyelash extensions and I will never do it again. Your eyelashes suffer, the fake lashes make you look like a doll, and they don’t feel good. Your eyes itch and tickle, and now I think that minimalism and natural beauty are very important.

Natalie decided not to use eyelash extensions and gel nail polish to save the environment.

I’ve never had microblading, but I had eyelash extensions and gel nail polish for a long time. A little while ago, I removed it all because these procedures harm the environment. I got more and more interested in this topic, now I’ve started sorting the trash. I’m also trying to use less plastic. Then I realized that the lashes I used are also made of plastic. So, how many lashes did I flush?

The same goes for gel polish — it is plastic that gets into nature after you use it. I’ve talked my nail artist into using the files that she doesn’t throw away after every procedure. Now, I don’t use any polish at all and I really like the natural look of my nails.

Every time Lily visited a cosmetologist, she got acne after.

My boss recommended a cosmetologist to me and later I found out that it was her daughter. She did several procedures to remove the acne, but I just got more acne after that. Later, when I went to a spa resort, I went to a cosmetologist and all the procedures led to more acne on my face.

So, every time I go to a cosmetologist, they find a new problem (blackheads, couperose, dry skin, or something else) and give me more acne. I was tired of wasting my money and having acne, so 5 years ago, I decided to give up on finding “the right doctor” who would treat all of my “problems.” Now, I take good care of my skin and I feel much better.

Elizabeth stopped going to the tanning salon because of her moles.

I stopped going to tanning salons when I noticed that I started getting new moles and my old ones started to increase in size. Now, I try to avoid being in direct sunlight. I do like darker skin, but I don’t want to take this risk. My health is more important than beauty.

Linda doesn’t get gel nail polish because her nails are too sensitive.

Before, I used to get my nails done really often. I mean, it is really convenient: you get it and get it out of your head for 3 weeks, maybe even a month. But over time, the look of the nails as they grow out started to annoy me. It is really hard to fix them with a file but that was not the worst thing. The worst part was when the artist would remove the old polish, because I have sensitive nails and it always felt terrible.

Then I realized that beauty is not worth sitting through that torture. And when they used a solution, it irritated my skin. And it just dawned on me: why do I have to do this? Also, I really wanted to be able to feel my nails without any kind of polish on them.

Barbara doesn’t go to the tanning salon because she is afraid of bad lamps.

Lamps in tanning salons can be outdated, which is very dangerous for the skin. This is why I’m scared. Also, tanned skin makes you look older. I’d rather be pale than look older than I am.

Patricia is tired of dry hair, so she decided to give up on hair highlights.

I stopped dying my hair, or doing highlights, first and foremost because my hair suffered: it became fragile, hard to style, and it was nothing to be proud of. This is how my path toward my original hair color started. Gradually, I noticed that my hair has become much healthier and thicker. I actually forgot that it can be easy to comb hair — it is a huge pleasure!

Another obvious advantage was the money I could save. How much money did I spend on maintaining my color? Going to the salon, shampoos, masks, oils — all of this costs a lot of money. Now, I’m smarter about this money. And I’m dreaming of finally growing hair that is entirely my color. It is the best thing for me.

Bonus: Lisa has never had eyelash extensions, gel nail polish, or eyebrow microblading.

I have never had eyelash extensions, gel nail polish, or eyebrow microblading because I’m convinced that this kind of beauty-tuning makes you look very cheap. I don’t think that it’s attractive, aesthetically pleasing, or elegant. Just look at the celebrities on the red carpet or the members of the Royal family. They are popular influencers and they don’t have any eyelash extensions! And gel polish is just bad for the nails. I always do my own manicure and I think I’m pretty good at it.

How often do you have these procedures? Or do you prefer a more natural look?

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