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17 Brides Who Know How to Stun With Their Wedding Dress

For some women, a wedding dress is a canvas for self-expression. And this creativity can transform a simple wedding gown into a unique work of art.

At Bright Side, we found 17 fashionistas whose wedding dresses will be remembered by their guests for a long time.

1. Hand-painted silk rainbow wedding gown, one of a kind

2. “My wedding dress was a nightie from the 1930s.”

3. “I finished my wedding dress this afternoon.”

4. “I decided to try on my grandmother’s wedding dress from 1952.”

5. “I found my gothic witchy wedding dress!”

6. “I got my wedding dress that someone else took for granted.”

7. “Who else had an unconventional wedding dress?”

8. “I made my own wedding dress.”

9. “Pocket otters! They fit in my wedding dress pockets.”

10. “I made my elopement wedding dress.”

11. “My wedding dress was a success!”

12. “I’m so excited about my wedding dress, I feel like a fairy.”

13. “My wedding dress — an adaptation of a contemporary reprint of a 1930s pattern for the skirt, while the top is self-drafted.”

14. “I decided to make my own wedding dress and today we got our photos back! I still can’t believe how good it turned out.”

15. “I put on my great aunt’s wedding dress at my own wedding!”

16. “I wanted to sell an ’80s prom dress online, but my fiancé is begging me to make it our wedding dress.”

17. “This stunning German 1920s wedding dress was gifted to me.”

What wedding dress did you wear? Would you dare to change it the way you want? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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