15+ Brave Brides Who Got Their Wedding Outfits for Pennies and Looked Stunning

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2 years ago

One English tradition says that getting married on a Monday brings health, on a Tuesday brings wealth, while Wednesday is the best day to tie the knot. No matter what, not everyone is ready to wait until wealth favors them. The easiest way to accomplish this is to reconsider your approach to the big day and not overspend funds wherever possible.

After all, all brides are stunning and radiate happiness regardless of how much money they spend on their outfits. And we at Bright Side agree with this completely. The bonus at the end will tell you a story about how one girl decided to make the dress of her dreams by hand.

“Bought a dress for $94 on Amazon... Comparable to a designer one.”

“I said yes to the dress... and to 87% off! Bought at a sample sale — so happy!”

“Dress was $170 on Etsy, cape veil was $170 on Etsy. Very excited for our small wedding.”

“I really wanted a vintage wedding dress. Bought this one for $20 in a thrift store.”

“A dress for $60. I had chosen a few that were nice but this one just felt like ’the one.’”

“$30 Salvation Army find! Fits like a glove. Either the previous bride was my exact size or this was made for me. Oh, and pockets!”

“I took the risk and ordered a dress online for $170 including shipping costs.”

“A few months ago, a girl offered to give away her wedding dress on the internet. I was lucky enough to get the dress.”

“Found my dress at a local thrift store for $65.”

“Got my dress at an online market for $150 and the veil for $25...”

“My wedding shoes are soooooo beautiful. And they were a gift.”

“Can you believe I got this dress for $7? Spent a total of $207 on my wedding ‘fit!”

“Purchased this dress (100% silk) about 5 years ago for $40 knowing I would have trouble finding a wedding dress I liked when it came time.”

“Finally dusted it off and got it altered.”

“$68 dress for the win! It still needs to be altered but it’s perfect.”

“So far the dress, petticoat, headpiece, and bag have cost under $200.”

“Also thrifted my wedding dress today for $70! Just needs a couple of alterations.”

“50 bucks for my wedding dress that makes me feel like a Greek goddess.”

Bonus: “Made my own wedding dress.”

Indeed, the dress can be found from designer boutiques to thrift stores and everywhere in between. The emotions that you feel when you put it on are the most important part. Do you think it’s worth spending a lot of money on a wedding gown?


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