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7 Daily Habits That May Damage Your Veins

Swollen, lumpy veins can occur in almost anyone, and while they aren’t usually dangerous, having them is pretty unpleasant. Though they can’t always be prevented, there are some actions we may do on a daily basis that can cause our veins to bulge.

We at Bright Side believe it’s easier to make big changes in small steps. And we did some research to find out what daily habits you should keep in mind if you want to keep your veins healthy.

1. You’re shaving your legs.

If you’re used to shaving your legs in a hurry, you’re not doing your veins any favors. Accidentally cutting your legs may result in annoying razor burn, and it can also affect your veins that are prone to bleeding. Most women shave in a warm or hot shower, and when you accidentally cut your legs with a razor, the heat can make bleeding more intense. To prevent this, opt for razors that are specially designed for dry skin.

2. You’re forgetting to exfoliate your legs.

Although exfoliating won’t prevent varicose veins, the way you massage your legs while applying the product can definitely help. It stimulates blood flow, which won’t let your veins get “lazy.” As a bonus, improved blood circulation helps speed up collagen production and keep your legs smooth for longer.

3. You’re using a dry brush.

You’ve probably seen beauty bloggers promoting dry brush massage, and although it does offer some cosmetic benefits, it can do your veins more harm than good. If you’re using a dry brush too often or too intensely, you may get micro-cuts from its bristles. This, in turn, makes your veins more vulnerable to spontaneous bleeding and infection.

4. You’re a runner.

Staying active can definitely help to prevent varicose veins from developing, but some exercises can lead to this condition over time. While running itself won’t cause varicose veins, just like pregnancy or significant weight gain, it creates an environment for developing this disturbing condition. As you run, the increased volume of blood may damage your veins and eventually make it more difficult for the blood to circulate through your legs.

5. You’re consuming too much sugar.

Sugar causes blood pressure to rise, which can damage and weaken the veins. It can also cause inflammation in blood vessels, making it harder for them to pump blood properly, which can cause the veins to dilate and bulge. In fact, even foods that seem like healthier alternatives to sweets, such as dried fruit, are often very high in calories and sugar, which makes them your veins’ worst enemy.

6. You’re wearing belts.

If you’re prone to varicose veins, you may want to reconsider some of your fashion choices. Tight-fitting clothes may look good on you, but they also restrict blood circulation and make it harder for blood to flow from your legs to the rest of your body. Instead of wearing belts or skinny jeans, opt for more loose clothing. Your veins will thank you.

7. You’re sleeping on your back.

While sleeping on your back may help to prevent facial wrinkles, it’s not the best sleeping position if you’re suffering from varicose veins. It’s better to sleep on your left side because it takes the pressure off the body’s largest vein, which is located on the right side. It will help to increase blood circulation and prevent the blood from building up in the veins.

Are you guilty of any of these habits? Which of them surprised you the most?

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