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7 Reasons Why You Might Be Gaining Your Weight Back

Gaining your weight back can be very frustrating and not knowing what is causing it can make you feel more unsettled. Even though diets help with weight loss, it’s also the main factor in gaining fat back and getting caught up in yo-yo dieting. However, there are reasons for this that you might not be aware of that are part of your everyday life.

Bright Side wants to help you stop gaining weight back and finally enjoy the body you’ve been working on all this time.

1. Sometimes exercise can make you gain weight.

Yes, it’s possible for a workout to cause weight gain, well, at least temporarily. This can be a sign that you’re working out very hard in order to see great results. This is because exercise damages the muscle tissue and the repair process allows the muscles to grow and get stronger. However, in the meantime, inflammation occurs, and together with fluid buildup, you may mistake this temporary weight gain as added fat.

2. You’re stuck in yo-yo dieting.

When you gain weight unintentionally after intentionally losing it, it’s known as yo-yo dieting. If this pattern continues, you’re at risk of gaining weight over time. In some cases, restrictive eating might lead to weight gain in the future because of the body’s physiological responses to changes in fullness and hunger.

If you’re planning to lose weight by following a restrictive diet, you’ll most likely gain your fat back within 5 years. But to keep the weight off, you should change your lifestyle instead of following a diet. This means removing sugary and processed food, adding exercise to your routine, and eating nutritious foods that are rich in protein and fiber.

3. You’re not eating enough fiber and protein.

If you neglect fiber and protein, it could be the reason why your fat is coming back. Fiber helps with controlling your appetite and gives you the sensation that you’re fuller for longer. Increase your intake of legumes, beans, and veggies to get a good amount of fiber. Eating 14 grams of fiber every day can decrease your calorie intake by as much as 10%.

In addition, a lack of protein can also make you gain weight. Protein also makes you stay fuller for longer, even without eating too much food. Also, it can preserve your muscle mass and boost your metabolism, which is important to maintain a healthy weight.

4. You’re too social.

Our social life is important when it comes to maintaining a good balance between work and personal time. However, If you enjoy hanging out with your friends and colleagues, you’re often tempted to drink and eat more. This means that by attending more social events, you’re adding calories that could be leading you to gain weight.

5. You shop without a grocery list.

If you shop without a grocery list, it might be one of the reasons why you’re gaining weight back. Shopping lists not only help you save time and money, but they can also keep you from making impulsive purchases, which most of the time, are unhealthy.

6. You get too many calories from drinks.

Drinking soft drinks, juices, and other types of beverages might be the reason why you’re gaining your weight back. Our brains don’t calculate the calories from drinks as it calculates them from food. This means that you’ll still eat the food later and contribute to your fat-gaining.

7. You’re too exhausted.

Lack of sleep and exhaustion is linked to rapid weight gain. This is because it’s part of the hormonal changes that come with not having the motivation to exercise. Plus, if you don’t get enough sleep, you’re at risk of gaining belly fat. A study confirms that if you sleep 7 hours or more per night, you’ll have a 33% better chance of losing the extra weight.

Did you gain your fat back after going on a diet? Do you have tips to share with us to keep the lost weight gone for good?

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