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8 Positive Body Changes If You Eat Just 6 Prunes a Day

Prunes can do magic by helping you to lose weight, improve digestion, keep your bones and blood healthy, and way more. This dried fruit is full of healthy nutrients that your body craves. And you only need to eat 6 prunes a day to receive all their benefits, so they make for a perfect snack that you can take anywhere.

Bright Side was impressed by how beneficial prunes can be and we’re eager to tell you everything we found out about this yummy but unfairly overlooked treat. We’re sure you’ll want to try some right away.

1. They support the body’s many functions.

100 grams of prunes contains 732 mg of potassium. This macromineral is essential for our body as it helps it to function properly as well as prevent many diseases. It decreases one’s risk of having a stroke, it keeps the bones healthy, it helps with healthy muscle growth, and it can even promote proper nerve functionality. It’s recommended to eat around 4,700 mg of potassium daily. For this, you can combine dried plums with other foods, like leafy green vegetables, bananas, or apples.

2. They’re good for the blood.

Not having enough iron in your body may cause anemia, which could lead to serious complications. Among them are severe fatigue, heart or lung problems, and issues with pregnancy. Dried plums are a great source of iron which makes them one of the best products to help prevent such problems.

3. They can improve digestion.

Prunes are packed with fiber, a key element that supports healthy digestion. For example, one cup of pitted prunes contains 12 grams of soluble fiber. On top of that, they contain sorbitol, a natural laxative that helps to stimulate bowel movements. It’s recommended to eat no more than 6 dried plums per day.

4. They help to control the urge to go.

If you’re constipated, it can influence your bladder as it puts extra pressure on it and causes you to urinate more frequently. To aid your constipation more effectively, you can make yourself a special mixture. Combine 1 cup of apple sauce, 1 cup of oat bran or unprocessed wheat bran, and 3/4 cup of prune juice. Mix 1-2 tablespoons of the product with around 240 ml of water and drink it in the evening.

5. They can aid in weight loss.

Thanks to the fiber that they contain, eating prunes can help you to stay full for longer and to successfully control your weight. 2 groups of obese women participated in a study. One group ate dried plums as a part of a healthy diet and lost 4.4 pounds over 12 weeks in comparison to another group that was given nothing but advice on what types of healthy snacks to eat.

6. They keep bones healthy and strong.

People who are at risk of osteoporosis, especially women and older people, might experience a loss of bone mineral density. Researchers from one study examined the effects eating prunes had on osteopenic postmenopausal women. The results showed that prunes did, in fact, help to prevent this issue.

7. They can help to lower blood pressure.

High blood pressure has sometimes no visible symptoms but it can increase one’s risk for heart issues, kidney disease, and other problems in the body. However, it can be controlled with different foods, and dried plums are one of them! You can even combine them with other dried fruits like raisins and dates and consume around 8 servings a week.

8. They can give you a vitamin boost.

They can also help you to improve your vitamin balance, naturally. Firstly, they are a great source of vitamin A, which is needed to protect your eyesight and promote healthy growth. Secondly, they contain vitamins C, K, and B6, which are all crucial for our immune system, body health, and overall well-being. On top of that, prunes are rich in other essential nutrients, like copper and manganese.

What other dried fruits do you enjoy eating? Let’s share the names of our favorite healthy snacks in the comment section!

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