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9 Things to Do When You Feel Stressed and Tired

According to science, stress is the root of over 30 of our daily problems. It can also affect your mood, sleep, energy, and even your hair and skin. After a hectic day, taking a break from all these things by living stress-free is what we truly deserve.

Bright Side loves stumbling upon new ways to relieve feelings of fatigue in an instant. That’s why we collected a few of these life hacks for you to try soon.

1. Giving your face a couple of rubs

Massaging 3 acupressure points in the morning, afternoon, and nighttime can lift your spirits after a busy day. In the mornings, rub your forehead from the center to the ends of your brow. In the afternoons, run your fingers from the bridge of your nose to your chin. And every night, make circular motions just below your temples near your ears. Do these for a couple of minutes.

2. Painting by numbers

Psychologists encourage coloring for adults as a way to relax, alleviate anxiety, and let go of all worries. These activities are called “art therapy,” which painting by numbers falls into.

3. Giving crocheting a try

Crocheting or knitting might actually help with bottled-up emotions. These hobbies inspire creativity and mainly involve repetitive movements and patterns, which help soothe the mind. After finishing your crocheted piece, you have 2 things: a personal gift and a positive outlook on things.

4. Trying your hand at journaling

Your scrawling and scribbling might do your stress management some good. Aside from bringing out your creative side, journaling can be attributed to healthier minds and even a more active immune response.

5. Slurping on some honey

The herbal benefits of eating raw and natural honey stretch from high nutritional value to being an excellent source of antioxidants. Apart from these, it can also help you relax and calm down, keep your brain healthy, and fight memory loss.

6. Using an aromatherapy diffuser

Having an aromatherapy diffuser at home can be very handy whenever you feel drained after a day’s work and you just want to relax and meditate. Diffusing your favorite blend of anti-stress essential oils into your space can help lower your cortisol levels, the hormone responsible for stress.

7. Giving your ears some pokes and pinches

Sudden urges to stay up at night can be curbed with simple pinches and pokes on your ear. Our ears have acupressure points that require gentle massages to help us sleep soundly. Just massage the antihelix in a circular motion and work your way to the earlobe for 2 minutes.

8. Enjoying sips of green tea

Apart from helping you lose weight, green tea also has proven benefits in keeping a healthy mind and body. It contains L-theanine, an amino acid that lowers anxiety and stress and heightens focus.

9. Getting off your gadgets

Going gadget-free for a period of time can drastically change your day. With less stimulation from online notifications, you can get a free pass from being anxious and stressed. Your eyes can also rest from the blue light coming from your phone or computer screens.

Which of these things would you like to try next time? What stress relief tips can you share with us?

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