7 Traits of a Strong Personality That Any Person Can Develop

Many people think that their personality traits are something that they received at birth. While some people are born with a good sense of humor and a lot of charisma, others might lack these features and find it almost impossible to obtain them. Taking the positive personality traits we do have for granted, we don't always consider ways to develop and improve our own character. Nevertheless, it is possible and while some traits can be established quite easily, other traits require consistent and hard work before they really become a part of who you are. However, generally speaking, almost any positive personality trait can be acquired and developed to help you become a more attractive and successful person.

We at Bright Side collected some qualities that you can enhance so that you can get the most out of your life!


Self-confident people always have an advantage over those who constantly doubt themselves because strong-willed people inspire others and they take control of situations. According to recent research, self-confident people earn more and climb up the career ladder faster.

A great way to feel more confident is to exercise! The feeling of concentration and control over the body provides both physical and emotional stability. Don't bother perceiving the reactions of other people as rules that you need to follow and don't feel the need to seek out their approval. Self-confident people control their lives themselves and they take responsibility for their actions.

The ability to say "No."

The inability to say "no" speaks about low self-esteem. Moreover, people who are always ready to help don't always find thankfulness in others because this feature is rarely appreciated and any help is most often perceived as a normal thing. Moreover, any situation where a person gives more than they receive or shares something that they lack provokes stress.

It's possible to say "no" at any moment. Don't be afraid to offend a person by your refusal since it's likely that you aren't the only person who can help. This will also help you get rid of parasitic people who were using your kindness. Truly strong people understand that it's not always possible to help them and that there is nothing scary about being denied a request.

Sense of humor

People like those who have fun personalities and can laugh at themselves and their failures. Laughter helps cope with stress, see positivity, and communicate with others. Witty people are appreciated more and others want to be around them because it's easy and fun.

To develop this trait, stop taking things too seriously. Watch how other people reply to comments with a joke that gets met by even more jokes. Don't get offended at the slightest thing and learn to laugh at yourself. You can enhance your associative thinking skills as many jokes are based on wordplay.


Despite a common misconception, the highest-performing employees don't overwork, as studies show. For better results and performance, turn off any messengers, put your phone on vibrate, and don't listen to music if it distracts you. Immerse yourself in the task that you need to complete. Just like an appetite comes with eating, inspiration comes with work. When you keep switching between activities, it's difficult for the brain to get back to the initial task. And we consider anything that's difficult for our brain to process to be unpleasant – that's why motivation disappears.

Moreover, it's important to follow a healthy daytime regime so that you don't find yourself distracted by a lack of sleep or feelings of hunger.

The ability to read other people

Many people are sure that reading the minds of others is a superpower that only extrasensory people have. However, that's not the complete truth. All that you need to do is to listen to others.

For example, consider the following situation: You've been communicating with someone for some time when they suddenly vanish and leave you asking yourself, "How could this happen?! I thought everything was going great!" After carefully analyzing the relationship, you realize that it wasn't actually OK because they kept promising to make time for you but they never actually did. No matter what the reasons were for avoiding to see you, you were convinced that they would always find time for you and that they wanted to spend time with you. You failed to see that they were just trying to let you down gently and be polite in their excuses to not meet with you.

The situations can be different. Imagine how surprised you would be if one of your acquaintances admits that they're in love with you while you thought they barely noticed you at all. This can happen simply because you didn't pay attention to the fact that this person would frequently write to you to ask you how you were and see if you wanted to go somewhere together.

In order to understand the motives of other people and to understand the reasons behind their behavior, it's necessary to pay attention to what they are saying and doing, where they are looking, and who makes them smile. If you combine all of these clues, it will be easy to see the truth. Of course, this isn't something you should be spending all of your free time on.

The ability to attract people

Some people are so charming that it seems that everyone likes them and everyone wants to be around them. These people have charisma – a quality that any person can actually develop.

When talking to someone, try to make an eye contact – look at the companion in a calm and relaxed way. Don't forget to smile! Charismatic people can listen to others and be on the same page as them. So don't rush to speak about yourself and remember that it's better to ask questions. Don't suppress your emotions – if someone said something offensive, show them that you don't appreciate it. You can do this by stopping the conversation or abruptly changing the topic instead of giving a long lecture on how much it hurts.

Conversely, if a person opens up to you, you can open up too. Sincerity should be met with sincerity.

The ability to control the reactions of your body

Self-control is the ability to control one's own emotions and behavior and it's what helps people reach their goals. It's absolutely necessary in order to build rewarding personal relationships and a successful career. With its help, you can remain balanced, restrained, and maintain external and inner peace. To develop this ability, you need to learn to determine and understand your emotions.

A fast heartbeat, tense muscles, and a lack or excess of energy or appetite are all signs of anxiety. It's possible to calm yourself down with the help of breathing exercises and meditation.

Panic attacks can also be stopped by doing special exercises. While more simple reactions like irritation, rudeness, or yelling can be easily avoided by pulling yourself together in time.

Which of these personality traits would you like to develop? How do you think they will help you? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments!

Illustrated by Sergey Raskovalov for Bright Side
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