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20 Situations That Prove a Relationship Is Harder Than Climbing Mt. Everest

Sometimes our partners seem to be like aliens from far away planets to us. But nevertheless, stocking the relationship up with enough humor will make all of our hardships much more bearable.

Bright Side peeped into the relationships of other people, and we believe that you may find something to giggle about here. Take a look!

1. “After my wedding ceremony, my wife told me to look at the inner band... ”

2. “My wife left her Imgur logged in. As punishment, I present this picture of her and my son sleeping.”

3. “I was complaining to my boyfriend that we never cuddle anymore and this was his solution.”

4. “I love my wife dearly, but this is how she leaves the ice cream after getting some for herself.”


6. “I’ll remember the ‘please’ next time I ask my girlfriend to make me lunch...”


8. “Asked my girlfriend to make me a sandwich...”


10. “I just saw my wife eat a KitKat.”


12. “My wife and I had to explain something very important to the dog.”

13. “We are moving and I gathered all my board games together. My wife had no idea it was this bad.”

14. “I always think our sour cream is moldy, then I realized my husband dips Doritos directly into it, and then he puts it away like this.”

15. “So I asked my girlfriend to bring me a glass with a lot of ice...”


17. “My girlfriend was mad because I wouldn’t give her any sympathy cash.”

18. “Today is my birthday. My boyfriend got me a “cake.”

19. “My girlfriend and I were waiting for each other to buy new toothpaste. I thought I had won and came home to this.”


What is the hardest personality quirk to deal with when it comes to your partner? Share some pics with us!

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