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“Love Is...” 16 Women Share What They Especially Admire About Their Partner

Women from 180 countries were asked what is the most important trait they look for in a partner, and it’s not looks or wealth — the overwhelming response was kindness, followed by supportiveness and intelligence. This just shows that ladies do not always need grand gestures to be swept off their feet. Being a good person, having their needs met and making them laugh could be enough to win their hearts.

Bright Side collected 16 stories from women who described the events that made them fall in love with their partners, and they make us realize that even simple and genuine acts can make a big impact.

  • “On my first date with the man who is now my fiancé, we walked from our high school to a local restaurant, and he insisted on walking on the part of the sidewalk that was closest to the road. At that moment, he reminded me of my late grandfather, because when I was a small child, my grandfather told me, ’A gentleman always walks closer to traffic than the lady.’ It just gave me a really good feeling about him, that he was polite and a little bit old-fashioned.” — © particularshadeofblu / Reddit
  • “When he’s a good Dad to our kid. Nothing makes me love him more than watching him play with, or snuggle our 9-year-old daughter. Whenever I see it, I get the happy clenches in my heart.” — © littlegingerfae / Reddit
  • “On my first date with my boyfriend, we went out to breakfast. I always order bacon with my waffles, but I totally forgot because I was nervous. I was low-key sad about it, and I told him that I forgot and laughed it off. When our food came, he split his bacon with me. It really made me like him, since he had just told me bacon is his favorite. And he let me pay since he drove, which is a huge plus for me!” — © kelstay207 / Reddit
  • “We were out and about in New York City, and he noticed a confused-looking tourist on the subway platform. He greeted them cheerfully and offered to point them in the right direction. Afterward, when I said, ’That was really nice of you,’ he replied, ’Kindness doesn’t cost a thing.’ He’s a keeper.” — © Heidiwearsglasses / Reddit
  • “On our very first date, my husband stabbed his hand on the toothpick on his burger. I was laughing so hard I could barely say, ’Yeah, I saw that.’ I’m a klutz, so I was also relieved he did something careless before I did.” — © TheSpiderLady88 / Reddit
  • “I’m not typically an indecisive woman, but I was on my period and was unsure about what I was craving for. This man (on our first date!!), instead of being grossed out by my period, drove me to TWO taco shops, a chocolate bar and a bakery. Maybe it was less about finding the perfect meal, and more about spending time with each other. Either way, I know he’s the kind of man I want to be with.” — © HodorTheGreatDane / Reddit
  • “My now-fiancé asked me over to his house for dinner. I found out later that he had texted my best friend (we met through mutual friends) and asked her what my favorite cuisine was, so he could cook it for me. That extra little effort to make sure I would be happy with dinner made me feel so special, and definitely foreshadowed what a thoughtful guy he is.” — © mandolinmoon / Reddit
  • “When he came to pick me up for our first date, he went inside to put the flowers in a vase, say ’Hi’ to my mom and daughter, and chat with them a bit while petting the cats. He was nervous, sure, but he took the time to make that connection with my family, who were thrilled. And the cats liked him too. Plus, he’s my BFF’s older brother, so I was basically smitten right then. We’re getting married in a month!” — © KittyCatTroll / Reddit
  • “On our 4th date, a group of kids was at a table near us, and they were just being kids and having fun. One threw a paper airplane, and it flew across the room, hit my date, and got stuck right in his ear. I was like, ’Ohhh... What’s he gonna do!?’ And he just laughed and threw it back across the room at the kids. I knew then he was my kind of guy. Many years and two kids later, we’re still happy together and best friends.” — © beemitch / Reddit
  • “When I first met my now boyfriend, it was at a house party. I was super awkward with my introduction. So I tried to split before I made the situation worse. Then he stopped me and said, ’If I do something more embarrassing than you could possibly do tonight, will you stay and let me talk to you?’ And I was like, ’Really? I mean, yeah, sure!’ And then he did a little spin and proceeded to just wipe out on the floor. Everyone started laughing and asking if he was okay, my eyes were initially covered but when I took my hand away, he was just looking up at me and said, ’Was that okay?’ I fell in love on the spot.” — © RoseLyn_95 / Reddit
  • “He always tries to give me the last bite of whatever we’re sharing, even if it’s insanely delicious. We also have tickle fights (I usually lose) and when I’m finally done giggling, he looks at me with this adoring face that makes me feel so loved.” — © scienceasf**k / Reddit
  • “In one of our first dates, he went to take a drink of his soda, and the straw went up a nostril and got STUCK THERE! He tried to take it out suavely, but I was already laughing so hard. He still remembers it with great embarrassment, and I still laugh. We just had our 25th wedding anniversary.” — © summerset / Reddit
  • “During our second date, we were walking back to the car when I tripped over nothing at all (so embarrassing). I caught myself with my hands on a rough sidewalk. It scraped my hands pretty bad, I lost some skin, and I was bleeding. He drove me across the street to the pharmacy, and left me in the car while he went inside for first aid supplies. He came back out with water (to rinse with), antibiotic ointment, gauze, tape, all that good stuff. He carefully cleaned and dressed my wounds, and once I was all patched up, he pulled out a pack of M&Ms, because chocolate makes everything better. We just celebrated 16 years of marriage last month.” — © BattlePriestess / Reddit

What do you think is the best quality of your current partner? Can you share one precious moment in your relationship when you felt overwhelming love?

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