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Men Reveal Why They Find Curvier Women Especially Gorgeous

Men really like plus-size women and willingly share their reasons why on social media. And it looks like the body is not the only way curvy women win them over.

We at Bright Side found out multiple “whys” to this topic and we’re ready to show them to you.

1. With a curvy girl, eating becomes an enjoyable activity.

One man shared: “Eating is one of life’s great pleasures. It’s one of the best things to do on a date. It’s one of the best relationship activities after you’re married.” He confirms that diets are necessary from time to time if staying healthy is one of your priorities, but this doesn’t need to become one’s life goal.

2. They give great hugs.

One exceptional factor is snuggles. There are many men that love to cuddle with their sweethearts, and curvy girls have the advantage here. One man said, “I like bigger women for the same reason I like my body pillow more than my regular pillow.”

3. Being positive is in their nature.

Thanks to their upbeat, fun, kind yet complex personalities, men never get bored around a curvy girl. Their talkative nature helps to make sure that the relationship doesn’t have a dull moment. It seems like this is what makes them special.

4. Men adore their figures.

Men are physically attracted to curvier women. This is because their body has everything they’ve ever wanted in a lady. Thighs, hips — the whole package! For them, their attributes are attractive and interesting.

5. They are more confident and have great coping abilities.

Men have noticed 2 important qualities in curvy women that they adore. The first one is coping capabilities. They learned how to deal with uncomfortable situations. These situations helped them to build confidence and love themselves for who they are.

6. They’re caring.

In general, plus-size women are amazing caretakers. Men consider them more caring and loving toward others because they put others before themselves. Plus it turns out that curvy girls love to spend more time with their partners. This means they have a great time doing even the smallest things together, including cooking, playing, laughing, and having long and meaningful conversations.

How much do you agree with the aforementioned statements? Do you know any other qualities that make plus-size women special?

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