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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Are Still Together After 15 Years, And Their Marriage Advice Is Really Simple

Marriage takes hard work, but when you find the right person, it can make sharing your life with them the best thing that ever happened to you. Nicole Kidman met her husband later in life, but 15 years into their marriage, they are still a great team. Their story shows us that, with true love and commitment, marriage can last a lifetime.

We at Bright Side believe that nothing is more important than a happy family life. So we’re sharing this beautiful love story to see what Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban can teach all of us about marriage.

1. The power of romance.

Nicole Kidman met Keith Urban in 2005 and they both fell for each other at first sight, but didn’t tell each other at the time. In fact, it took Urban 4 months to call Kidman again after they met. In 2006, the singer surprised her with flowers at 5 a.m. on her birthday outside her New York apartment, and it was this romantic gesture that made Kidman want to marry him.

Research shows that for a successful relationship, you should have more positive interactions with your partner than negative ones. In this way, small gestures to show that your energy and thoughtfulness are focused on your love are key ingredients to a happy relationship.

2. Supporting each other in hard times.

A few months into their marriage, when Urban had to go to rehab, Kidman supported him and was there for him throughout his sobriety journey. Years later, when the actress lost her father and was going through a tough time, Urban was there for her. Kidman claims that he “carried her through” that difficult time.

This is something we can all learn from. Healthy couples can actually get stronger through challenging times. They can do this by acknowledging that it is a tough time, empathizing with each other, and using active listening. It is important to turn toward each other during struggles and know that you’re in this together.

3. Strong boundaries.

Their key to spending quality time together is being able to switch off from work. They have a “simple, quiet, and nourishing” life together in Nashville, and when they’re not working, they spend time there together. In fact, they don’t allow any work in their home — Kidman even got rid of her office in the house, and they don’t use computers in bed or have a TV in their bedroom.

Work-life balance can be a struggle for all of us in our relationships. It’s hard to leave our work stresses at the door and keep strong boundaries between our work and home lives. But it’s really important to make sure you’re prioritizing your relationship and setting boundaries, including making time to spend with your partner.

4. Gratitude.

Kidman says meeting Urban was “the best thing that ever happened to me.” She is lucky to have met him and acknowledges that they are a mix, which makes them very suited for each other. Urban agrees, saying that marrying the right person is his biggest achievement in life.

Expressing gratitude is hugely important. This is mainly because it shows that you care and celebrates the positives in the relationship. But being grateful also helps us feel happy and satisfied, encourages us to engage in future kind acts, and overall strengthens both our relationships and our own mental health.

5. Keep contributing.

Kidman’s greatest marriage advice is simple: keep contributing. She says her only advice is to know that you have to keep contributing to the “us,” and ask, “Does this work for us?” When you get married, you create an “us,” and that is yours, together. It’s what you make of it, and it’s unique to the 2 of you.

This is a key thing we can learn from Nicole and Keith’s love story. According to science, 2 of the key factors in healthy relationships are: healthy communication and working collaboratively as a team. Trusting and respecting each other in the ways that you communicate and working as an “us” can be so beneficial in our romantic relationships.

6. Believe in true love.

Kidman says that she knew pretty early on in their relationship that Urban was the love of her life. She is a deeply romantic person, and she just believed that he was the one. Luckily, the musician felt the same. He says that Kidman was “the one that I was searching for my whole life.” Through his belief in “the one,” Urban turned his life around in order to hold on to their special relationship.

Science now shows that true love does, in fact, exist! And it shows that not only is love possible, but it can last a lifetime. Knowing and believing this can allow us to engage in open, understanding, and honest behaviors that will strengthen our relationships. It’s good to think of love as a verb — action is what makes it thrive.

What is your greatest marriage advice? What are you most grateful for in your partner?

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