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10 Autumn Stuff From Amazon to Survive the Cold Season at Its Best

In autumn, our memory improves, scientists say. Like all living things, we are influenced by the seasons and adapt to them in order to live comfortably. The cognitive abilities of our brain and mood are changing. Today, we offer to take control of our autumn memories!

We at Bright Side are gradually integrating into the rhythms of autumn and want to share our findings for this season. Here are a few things from Amazon that will make this cold time as enjoyable as possible!

1. A heated electric blanket that will keep you warm, even on the coldest evening.

The large-size blanket allows two adults to wrap themselves completely in it. It is operated by a digital remote control to select one of 9 heating modes to ensure economical energy consumption and sufficient heat level. A 9-hour programmable timer with an auto-off function allows the blanket to turn off after a set period of time. Ideal for falling asleep!

Promising review:

I did all the research, love this throw. It’s soft on both sides (some have sherpa fleece, which I find goes bobbly and hard). It’s big enough for two!!! The heat is brilliant too. 9 gets really snuggly hot. I find 5 perfect. But great, soft and cuddly when off too!!
Mrs R

Buy this blanket on Amazon HERE.

2. Fully heated slippers scented with french marshmallow and lavender to escape the cold season. A great solution if your house does not have underfloor heating!

These slippers have a very thick non-slip foam sole and a special filling. Simply heat them up in the microwave, put them on, and enjoy the warmth and relaxing aroma all evening long. The filling retains heat very well, so you don’t have to heat them up over and over again.

Promising reviews:

Universal size, very warm.
Bought as gift and was pleased. Elasticated at the back, making them universal on size. When microwaved, you can smell the lavender smell, and they are very warm inside. Has a little bit of weight compared to normal slippers due to the heating materials inside.
Jason P

These are very comfy and cozy! If you constantly have cold feet, then you need these!!
Amazon Customer

Buy these slippers on Amazon HERE.

3. A premium shoe cleaning kit and sneaker repellent brush to keep your shoes in perfect condition, even in bad weather.

You only need about 6 drops to make your shoes shine. The cleaner doesn’t contain harsh chemicals and abrasives, so it is not only effective, but also safe. One bottle is enough for about 100 pairs of shoes. So take care of your favorite pair of sneakers regularly, and they will look like new in any season!

Promising reviews:

Makes trainers look as good as new when this is used.

By far the best shoe cleaner on the market. Worth every single penny!

Buy this kit on Amazon HERE.

4. A fluffy unisex hoodie blanket with a pocket to make your autumn dream come true: not to get out from under the blanket for as long as possible!

The universal oversize size allows anyone to wrap themselves in this blanket. But you can also adjust its size with the buttons. This is the perfect choice to keep warm on cold days and feel relaxed and free! The length of the blanket will allow you to wrap yourself up with your legs to watch a series or read a book in warmth and comfort.

Promising review:

Be careful because you won’t want to take it off.
I love this product! It is very warm and soft, so perfect lounge wear in the winter months. I am 5"9, and it fits perfectly, sitting halfway down my shins. I have barely taken it off since I got it! It is baggy enough to sleep in to give you some extra warm during these cold nights. If you are below 5"4 this may edge on the large side as it may sweep the floor. Apart from that, I could not recommend this product more.

Buy this hoodie blanket on Amazon HERE.

5. Fleece-lined headband to protect your head and ears from the cold. Large selection of colors to choose what you like!

A special thermo-yarn and a soft thermal lining provide highly effective protection from the cold. This double layer will keep the wind from reaching your delicate ears and protect you from the unpleasant effects of hypothermia. If you are a fan of autumn walks or jogging, this is your choice!

Promising review:

Just what I needed.
I find that hats slide up on my head, and the lobes of my ears sometimes get cold. I have a hat from this brand and I love how soft and warm it is, so I thought I will try a headband to see if it stays on my ears better than a hat for the windy days. Yesterday the wind was perfect to try it out, and I was so happy that I had this headband. It stayed on my ears perfectly, and it is thick enough to protect my ears from even really strong wind. It is very soft and warm, very well-made. I am considering to buy this headband in other colors as well. Definitely would recommend to anyone.

Buy this headband on Amazon HERE.

6. 6 pairs of woolen socks with cozy patterns will keep your feet warm at home and on the go.

Soft and comfortable socks made of wool breathe well and remove moisture. This will keep your feet warm and not sweaty. The tight and elastic knit without seams is comfortable for daily wear, and the cute vintage pattern warms not only the feet but also the heart!

Promising review:

Nice cozy warm socks.
Gorgeous socks, beautifully packaged, I had to put a pair on straight away, and they’re so comfy, soft, and keep your feet nice, cozy, and warm. The design on them all are lovely, and I’d highly recommend.
Amazon Customer

Buy these socks on Amazon HERE.

7. Drink syrup to keep warm with hot spiced coffee or tea every day. Fall is the time to try your first pumpkin latte!

Notes of sweet pumpkin, spicy cloves, and cinnamon will make your usual drink truly fall! The syrup can be used in coffee-based drinks, hot chocolate, milkshakes, frappe, and dessert drinks. Use 15-20 ml per serving for hot drinks, 10-25 ml for shakes, and 20-30 ml for frappe and milkshakes, depending on the recipe.

Promising reviews:

So nice with hot chocolate.
Excellent for hot chocolate.
T Murtagh

Amazing addition to coffee.

Buy this syrup on Amazon HERE.

8. Ceramic coffee cup with a lid in the shape of a ripe autumn pumpkin. Just right for your latte with syrup!

Use this as a coffee mug or cup for a flavorful pumpkin soup. Thick walls and a lid will keep it warm and allow you to enjoy a hot drink. Add spices to give the recipe an autumn character!

Promising review:

Sucker for a pumpkin.
Yep, I’m a sucker for anything pumpkin or autumnal. Bought as a novelty coffee cup, and it’s great.
Miss. K. Wilkinson

Buy this cup on Amazon HERE.

9. Fragrant soy wax that will fill the house with an autumn mood and comfort for a long time.

One portion of wax melts within 6 hours, filling the space with aroma. A natural vegan formula that is not tested on animals and eco-friendly packaging make this a truly healthy choice. Aromas of sage and sea salt will give vivacity and lightness!

Promising review:

Who’d thought vegan wax melts would be so good!
I’ve never used wax melts before and as I’m a vegan, I didn’t want to burn anything associated with our beautiful animals. So, I’ve always just used tea lights in a holder.
However, I came across these from Fosse Living and my eyes lit up, when I saw, “Vegan Wax Melts”. Done a little research to ascertain whether they were truly vegan and so, I bought a box of sandalwood and a box of sea salt.
I received them the next working day from Amazon and tonight (08/02/22) while watching a movie, I cut one of the sandalwoods in half and placed it onto my burner, with a tea light inside. Within a few minutes, my living room was filled with the beautiful scent of sandalwood. Not weak at all and not too strong, because I only used half of the heart.
My living room is 15ft x 15ft and the scent remained for some time after.
I’ll be using the sandalwood for the living room and the sea salt for when I go to bed.
These are simply amazing, and I thank Fosse Living for creating such a beautiful wax melt, and anyone reading my review, I highly recommend these. So much so that I’m going to generate a subscription order, so. I can receive them automatically.
Thanks for reading :)
Karl (SpiritWolfUK)

Buy this wax on Amazon HERE.

10. A scented candle in a glass with a wooden wick that will crackle like a small fireplace.

The cozy rustic aroma of a warm, crackling fire will fill your home, even if it doesn’t have a fireplace! The glass hourglass design creates a wider opening for fully melted wax, resulting in a more consistent scent experience.

Promising review:

Lovely smelling and very relaxing.
Such a lovely smelling candle, and the noise helps make relaxing with it so much easier. I loved lighting this whilst studying for exams and found the smell and noise to be a perfect atmosphere. The candles last about 30-40 hours and since burning through the first one in a little over 2 weeks I have bought 2 more!
Thomas Burton

Buy this candle on Amazon HERE.

Do you have a fall mood playlist? Let’s share our favorite songs!

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