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10 Highly-Rated Amazon Products to Help You Take That Perfect Shot

These days, with the rise of Instagram, many of us are trying to take the perfect shot for our social media profiles. It can take several takes, and taking a photo with your phone doesn’t guarantee that it will turn out superb. But thankfully there are a few products to help with that.

Here at Bright Side, we are passionate about photography, and today we’re going to present you with a few little tools and gadgets to make you feel like a professional photographer. Let’s get straight to it!

1. A phone case that helps take great shots in the dark

Buy this phone case from Amazon here.

Tough plastic

This beautiful gold matte phone case is compatible with the iPhone 8/7/6s and 6, and it can also be used as a make-up light.

Happy buyer’s review: An excellent buy. The original and genuine (purchased, sold, and dispatched by Amazon) LuMee LED case. The case is fully branded LuMee and the case itself is sturdy and substantial and extremely easy to fit. It works perfectly and as expected. The lights are yellow-tinged on this particular case (not white) and exactly as they should be for perfect photography.
The case comes with a charging cable (you use the plug adapter from your iPhone) and an instruction leaflet. All in all, this was an excellent purchase, and I am very pleased. Finally, it came well packaged with excellent delivery by Amazon. — Intheamazone

2. A Bluetooth clicker to take better selfies

Buy this Bluetooth clicker from Amazon here.

Amazon’s choice

This clicker allows you easy, hands-free shutter control to take photos when you are not next to your phone. It works for up to a distance of 30 meters.

Happy buyer’s review: This is such a handy little gadget for taking photos with your phone from a distance. It’s easy to pair, and even easier to use. iOS users get to press the obvious big button on the device to take a shot, so five stars from me. Although Android users get the same utility, they are relegated to using a small button instead. They may not be so happy! — Jeremy

3. A ring light and tripod stand for the influencers of tomorrow

Buy this ring light and tripod stand from Amazon here.

10 brightness levels

This selfie ring light comes with a Bluetooth remote control that allows you to shoot photos or videos from a distance. The entire set also includes a mobile phone holder and a carrier bag.

Happy buyer’s review: The installation is simple and convenient. The portable ring light isn’t heavy, and the tripod is sturdy. There is a ball head connected to the ring light, it’s easy and flexible to adjust the position of the light. The ring light has three different color temperature settings, and they all look very natural. You can adjust the brightness for each color temperature. It’s very convenient for me to set up the right angle, color temperature, and brightness for my product shot. — Jay

4. A selfie stick that buyers are raving about

Buy this selfie stick from Amazon here.


Selfie sticks might not be quite as popular as they once were, but judging by the reviews of this one, the interest is still there. It can extend up to 80 centimeters and is great for group selfies.

Happy buyer’s review: This selfie stick is so good. I read lots of reviews before I bought it and also checked it out on YouTube! It really is amazing. The size is perfect, small enough to fit in my bag on my bike nicely. I’ve only had it a week and have used it a lot already. The legs on the tripod are very sturdy. I can use it in bed, with or without a hard surface. The stick elongates very easily, but I wouldn’t recommend pulling it around too much, just in case it doesn’t take the force. The remote was very easy to pair with my phone and fabulous to use! It’s great fun! — Smileyrainbow

5. A white backdrop to take more professional-looking shots

Buy this white backdrop from Amazon here.


This backdrop will have your room looking like a professional photo studio in no time. It is useful for modeling and product shots.

Happy buyer’s review: I’ve been putting off buying a white backdrop for years, and how wrong I was. I was trying with different bedsheets, t-shirts, different fabrics and while they can do the job, it was clear from the first minute that this was superior in every aspect. It saves me a lot of time.
The material is nice white, got a plasticky feel to it but in a good sense! Easy to wipe clean, and creases are not as pronounced as in softer fabrics. It’s a solid white background, and it covers perfectly.
It doesn’t attract dust as other fabrics, it’s washable, and you can steam iron it to remove creases, but to be honest I haven’t done any of that, because I just as easily removed any visible creases in post-production. I really should have bought this years ago. — Greg K

6. A waterproof phone pouch to create lasting memories under water

Buy this phone pouch from Amazon here.

Wide compatibility

Now you can even immortalize all those underwater moments thanks to this waterproof phone pouch. The screen is highly sensitive to touch, and it protects your phone in depths of up to 30 meters.

Happy buyer’s review: I use this when I go kayaking, both for taking photos and in case of an emergency. I can still use my phone in the conventional way when it is in this, and it takes good quality photos too. The neckband on my old one suffered from corrosion at the joint of the band, but this is a new improved neckband with no metal and good quality stitching. — Ian Wood

7. A Pooch Selfie to easily take fun photos with your fur baby

Buy this Pooch Selfie from Amazon here.

Universal fit

Many of us have faced the struggle of taking a selfie with our dogs; they either look away or walk off, not really understanding what’s going on. This smart little tool will make sure that doesn’t happen, allowing you to take priceless memories with your little friend.

Happy buyer’s review: I’ve spent 13 years trying to get pics of my bulldog and for every 25 takes, I might get 1 halfway decent picture...until the pooch selfie. This thing is brilliant and is worth every penny. My dog is at the end of her life, and I’m grateful to get some great pictures while I still can. I only wish I bought this sooner. Buy it, you won’t regret it. — Shopper

8. A camera lens for your phone to take higher-resolution photos

Buy this camera lens from Amazon here.

Durable aluminium

This camera lens allows you to take close-up and wide-angle shots from your phone.

Happy buyer’s review: This is a quality piece of kit and a perfect accessory for close-up and wide-angle pictures on any phone — phones have magnification, but the pictures are grainy when viewed on a laptop, whereas pictures taken with this are pin sharp at the highest magnification when viewed on a laptop/desktop.
The small carry case is perfect to store the lens, light, and carry strap when not in use. It even has a clip for your belt or bag. It is worth every penny. — CeeBee

9. A mini light box to take great product shots

Buy this light box from Amazon here.

Multi-angle shooting

This tool is extremely handy if you have a small business and need to take professional-looking product shots from the comfort of your home.

Happy buyer’s review: I’m about to bring in my own beauty product, so I’m delighted I’ve discovered this light box; it looks so handy and so simple for shooting a product! This is such genius technology! It’s ideal for start-up businesses & is so reasonably priced! — Diana

10. A flexible selfie stick that makes taking selfies anywhere a breeze

Buy this selfie stick from Amazon here.


This selfie stick also comes with a Bluetooth shutter control and a flexible tripod.

Happy buyer’s review: It is really easy to use. The flexible legs make it easy to use anywhere without the need for a level surface. You can also wrap the legs around a longer post to get a higher shot or a wider angle. The Bluetooth remote was easy to set up, I didn’t need to download any software, and it even came with batteries. — Jo

What are your tips for taking more professional-looking shots?

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