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6 Steps to Make Your Nursery Look Like a Pinterest Photo

Making a children’s room into a cozy space is not an easy task — you have to take into account not only your own taste, but also the wishes of the little one who sleeps in the room. But don’t worry, we know several ways to make a nursery beautiful quickly and without too much effort. They’ll help you try out different options without breaking the bank, and adjust the room to the changing preferences of a growing child.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve identified 6 key steps in transforming the look of a room with minimal effort. We also collected convenient and stylish items from Amazon that will help you take on this task!

1. Set up storage spaces to make it easier for the child to use toys and things and put them back in their place.

Visual noise can ruin even the most stylish interior. To solve this problem, identify the fastest spreading chaos in the room and try to tame it. Organize toy storage so that it’s easy, convenient, and quick for children to have access to them and return them to their place.

On the other hand, store things that are out of your control (such as paints, modeling dough, or plasticine) in inaccessible places to give out at your discretion.

A set of 4 cute animal boxes to hide the visual noise on the toy shelves

These boxes are one-size-fits-most racks and shelves. Use the cute designs on the boxes as identifiers to sort through different categories of toys with your child. You can choose between gray or beige backgrounds, which will fit perfectly into any interior.

Buy these boxes with animals on Amazon.

Toy hammock to quickly and cheerfully throw scattered toys in with your children

A great way to store a bunch of plush toys! This sturdy hanging hammock will become a cozy place where your son or daughter’s favorite characters can gather to keep them off the floor. Your kid can also use the hammock to play and then put their teddy bears and dolls to sleep in it! Also, the cleaning process will be simple and fun.

Buy this hammock for toys on Amazon.

Place open shelves at a convenient height so that your child’s favorite books and toys are always at hand.

These easy-to-install shelves provide both stylish and functional storage space. They will decorate the room and won’t take up space on the floor. Your child can independently take and return their toys and books to their place, gradually learning to keep the room organized.

Buy these open shelves from Amazon.

Cute jute toy storage baskets to easily move them from any room

This lightweight, foldable basket is great for storing toys that you can bring to your child’s room while you’re busy. And after the games, quickly throw the toys back into place and return them to the nursery. No chaos! On top of everything, natural jute is a material that will perfectly fit into any interior.

Buy this jute toy storage basket on Amazon.

Use this handy large basket to fit all the big toys.

This non-toxic handmade basket is made of cotton rope. Its large size will allow you to collect big toys in one place and hide them. Now, instead of many colorful dolls and trucks scattered all over the room, there will be one stylish and concise basket!

Buy this large basket on Amazon.

Use a cotton basket with an adorable animal face to teach your little one to organize their things playfully.

Cotton baskets with animal faces will help your child quickly sort and find the right toys. This basket can be washed in the washing machine, making it easy to care for. Keep order in the nursery without unnecessary stress!

Buy this cotton basket on Amazon.

2. Use textiles to make the space cozy and add color accents.

Now that the room has been decluttered, it’s time to fill it. Using textiles is an easy way to change the look of a space without spending a lot of money. Curtains, rugs, pillows, and tents can easily make a room cozier.

And textile details can also be functional. Use them to zone the space and divide the room into comfortable areas for games, reading, and relaxation. Arrange color accents and change them as you like to fit your mood!

Organize a tent for playing or sleeping with a cozy canopy.

This soft, breathable canopy can be turned into a magical play castle. If used as crib decor, it can also block the light, improving the baby’s sleep. This simple detail elevates the coziness of the room to the maximum!

Buy this canopy on Amazon.

Choose this rug in the most suitable color to highlight an area for playing or relaxing.

This fluffy rug with rubber backing will stick to the floor tightly and provide a soft surface for playing games or reading on the floor. The thermal insulation from the floor will make the time spent on it even more enjoyable.

Buy this rug on Amazon.

Use this round rug to play and learn the alphabet with your child.

This microfiber rug is extra spacious, giving your kid plenty of room to play. It’s soft and fluffy! As an added bonus, the alphabet will help your little one get familiar with the letters.

Buy this round rug on Amazon.

Cushion covers with designs for lovers of bright accents

Place colored pillows on the reading couch or directly on the floor to use for play. More than just decoration, they’ll also work as comfortable and light seats. But we’re sure the kiddos will probably use them for pillow fights! At least you’ll get some free time while they’re at it.

Buy these cushion covers on Amazon.

3. Choose toys that are also decorative.

If the toys scattered around your living room look cute and cozy and don’t make you seethe with indignation, then they have a place in your home!

Choose items made from natural materials and discreet colors. Buy what the child likes and, at the same time, pleases the eye. This way, the toys themselves will become a decoration for the nursery. Little by little, you can influence your child’s taste and make your home genuinely aesthetic.

Lay out this wooden railroad track on the floor to add an aesthetic touch to the room.

This versatile toy looks great in any room, even when disassembled, thanks to the pleasant natural look of the wood. The puzzle pieces have a universal design that matches various brands. Build your own town, developing your child’s spatial awareness and imagination!

Buy this wooden railroad on Amazon.

Wooden balance toy with cute animals for story games or building a tower

This toy develops the child’s hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and self-confidence. The cute animals can be stacked up in a tower or take part in a theatrical performance. Make up fairy tales with your children, or put them in a makeshift forest in the nursery.

Buy this wooden balance toy on Amazon.

Liner cups in chic pastel shades for building pyramids and learning sizes

Folding helps the baby develop motor skills, which in the future affect speech and writing. These collapsible cups give you plenty of options to play with and will be a great purchase from 6 months onwards.

Buy these cups on Amazon.

Silicone blocks in soft pastel shades to explore shapes and develop your child’s spatial thinking

The set includes 12 blocks. Each block is embossed with animals, figures, fruits, numbers, and geometric patterns on the sides. Children can develop their sense of touch and vision by touching the relief patterns or squeezing them, so they squeak. The silicone is safe, so the toys can also be used as teethers.

Buy these blocks on Amazon.

This concise and stylish stadiometer will be a great decor and help you watch your baby grow.

Measure your child’s height and make marks directly on the height meter! We are sure that this will become an exciting ritual. The laconic design makes the stadiometer an appropriate addition to the interior.

Buy this stadiometer on Amazon.

The giant giraffe will be the highlight of your room.

This stuffed giraffe is sure to impress your child! You can’t hide a toy like this one in a box, and you won’t want to because it’s such a stylish accessory. This huge animal with a cute face will make your kid’s friends exclaim, “wow!”

Buy this giant giraffe on Amazon.

4. Place wicker decorations, furniture, and toys in the room.

Rattan items are a real hit in children’s rooms’ design! Today, you can find literally anything made from wicker. Dollhouses, chairs, storage baskets, wall decor, and even crockery.

This material has a pronounced texture and will be an excellent decoration, which at the same time will easily fit into the interior due to its natural shade. You can even try to create something with your own hands! If this idea seems too complicated, just use our selection.

A handmade rattan balloon that will become the catchiest decorative detail

This charming decor will highlight and make the room look like a stylish photo studio. Place a bouquet inside or plant a toy to make the balloon part of the play area. And if you place an autonomous flashlight or a garland inside the upper part, it will become a cool night light!

Buy this balloon on Amazon.

Rattan wall hooks to hang the children’s things and keep them off the floor

Durable, comfortable, and made of natural material, these hooks will be a functional addition to the decor. Invite your child to hang clothes on them or hang up a cute bag to put toys inside. The rounded hooks are safe for the toddler and will not let them get caught or hurt!

Buy these hooks on Amazon.

A set of 4 wicker baskets to store small items in the nursery

These baskets are made from natural seaweed and strung on a durable metal frame. With their help, you can sort small toys or turn one of them into a cozy crib for a doll or a teddy bear. You can also put them on shelves to store the child’s things vertically.

Buy these baskets on Amazon.

A pair of natural rattan rainbows for a stylish and subtle boho decor

Hang this stylish decor above the crib or dresser, or just lean it against the wall. The monochromatic rainbow is an unusual accent piece crafted from durable organic rattan. This little detail will make the room really trendy and charming!

Buy these rainbows on Amazon.

5. Make patterns on the walls with wallpaper or stickers.

Another way to update a nursery without a major renovation is accent patterns. It can be a wallpaper with a print pasted on only one wall. You also can draw patterns by hand if you are confident in your skills. But perhaps the easiest and fastest way is to use reusable wall stickers that can be easily removed without damage if you feel like changing it up again!

Monochrome animal-shaped wall decals for a repeating pattern all over the wall

These adorable and stylish stickers will look fantastic in your child’s room! Just peel and stick — they’re pre-cut and can be applied in an instant. The stickers are easy to remove and leave no sticky residue. One set contains 46 stickers that roughly cover a 1.5 m by 1.5 m wall space.

Buy these stickers on Amazon.

Small rainbow stickers in a variety of colors to choose from to create a gentle atmosphere in the nursery

Depending on the style and color scheme of the room, choose a monochrome or color option. Stick the stickers closer or farther apart to see which pattern best suits your nursery. For optimal adhesion, the wall’s surface must be dust-free, clean, and completely dry!

Buy these stickers on Amazon.

Easy-to-use wall stickers with colorful forest trees to decorate the room with your children

These stickers are printed on transparent material and can also be used to decorate windows. 57 different types of trees in cute colors will make the room bright and fun! Decorate the room together with your child because even stickers that are not symmetrically glued look great!

Buy these stickers on Amazon.

6. Reduce the number of toys.

This may sound unexpected, but we have several reasons for this advice. First, keeping a room tidy is easier if there are fewer toys. Second, research confirms that it will positively affect your child’s development!

You can remove some of the toys that your child is already bored with, and then, after a few months, bring them back out and hide the boring ones again. You’ll need less cleaning, and your kid will be happy with the “new” well-forgotten toys.

A box with a velcro lid to remove unnecessary toys from the room and hide them

This collapsible box with a dust cover is perfect for storing extra toys in your garage or closet. The large size will allow you to put everything you need to keep out of sight in one place. It is easy to fold and put away and won’t take up much space when folded.

Buy this box on Amazon.

Tell us about a cozy corner that you remember from your childhood. Where was it, and what did it look like?

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