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7 Products on Sale That Will Melt Away Any Worries of Your Day

Firefighters, pilots, and police officers are on the list of the top most stressful jobs. But even if you have zero connections with these sectors, chances are stress and anxiety are among your old and thick-and-thin friends. But we doubt you wanna have them on your friends’ list, which is why we rounded up a list that will help you kick them out of your life.

Check out 8 self-care products Bright Side prepared for you. We’re sure that they will turn your home into a soothing place.

1. If you find yourself tossing and turning all night long, get a weighted blanket.

Get the weighted blanket on Amazon HERE

Perfect for anxiety & stress relief!

It seems like blankets have a sort of magical power. Once they cover us, we doze off. But one day this well-functioning system may crash, and you need something more reliable. That’s when weighted blankets step in. Their secret is equally stitched pockets that allow for even spread over your body. This has been proven to increase serotonin and melatonin, which generate calming relaxation while decreasing cortisol.

2. Fall asleep faster and naturally and wake up refreshed with this pillow spray.

Buy the pillow spray on Amazon HERE


This spray consists of a super blend of lavender, vetivert, and camomile. This trio will calm both your mind and body, reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality. All you have to do it to simply spritz your pillow before you doze off.

3. Pinch, squeeze, squish, and stretch your stress.

Get the set on Amazon HERE


If bouts of anxiety happen during times when you’re supposed to sit still, a squishy toy may become your beloved friend. This set comes with 24 super kawaii animals and includes cats, seals, octopuses, pandas, pigs, elephants, bears, chickens, and many more.

4. Pamper yourself with an ice face mask.

Buy the ice face mask on Amazon HERE

Versatile use!

You’re about to learn about the secret weapon of beauty. It easily fights puffiness and undereye bags, boosts the natural glow, and has the power to soothe irritated and red skin. But apart from at-home SPA experience, it can deal with headaches, migraine, and sinus pain and is perfect for post-surgery recovery. Don’t forget to consult your doctor before using it as an alternative to other medical recommendations though.

5. Stay chill when stress attacks.

Buy the ice cap on Amazon HERE

Total life-saver!

If you’ve ever fantasized about holding your head in a bucket of ice, this product was made for you. It creates an ice cocoon around your head, enabling a dark, tranquil environment to relax and chill in.

6. Untie your nerve knot with this pillow.

Buy the pillow on Amazon HERE


This pillow was made to multitask. If you feel the need to hug something or someone, it’ll be there for you. If you need to beat or throw something, it won’t hide from you. If you want to decorate your room with something stylish, guess who is ready to help you? You can use it as a car or sofa cushion or as a decoration for your photos. See, even cats can’t resist it.

7. Check out the most effortless way to free your body from stress.

Buy the bubble slippers on Amazon HERE


Studies say that stimulating the specific zones may help in relieving body pain caused by stress. That’s why it’s high time to try these innovative bubble slippers. They will massage your feet while providing ventilation and support. You’re gonna feel like you’re walking on the clouds with them.

Evaluate your stress level — is it high, moderate, or low? What do you usually do to cope with it?

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