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Rihanna Told Us to Shine Bright, So Don’t Miss These 9 Jewelry Deals

We understand that many people have jewelry that is so close to their hearts that they don’t want to take it off for a minute. But you should know that sleeping with a necklace on can compromise your sleep, especially if you’re a big tugger between the sheets. Chains can get tangled in your hair or wrapped around your neck. If your favorite necklace has pendants on it, they can wake you up.

Now that you know about safety, take a look at this jewelry that will keep you happy all day long!

1. You can shine like a star with this Swarovski set. These earrings and the matching necklace that are rhodium-plated will serve you for years to come.

Promising review:

I got this as a gift from my partner. It’s absolutely gorgeous, you can’t get the quality from the pictures, but the stones glitter in the light. The little swan on the neck chain also has its own stones. @ Lizzie Bellwood

2. These elegant earrings are made of stainless steel. They are sure to make any of your looks more chic.

Promising review:

This elegantly classy, modern take on the traditional pearl drop earring can be worn with any outfit. These are my new “go-to” earrings. I received lots of compliments when wearing them. They are nicely proportioned and not cumbersome or heavy, so they don’t pull on your lobe or catch in your hair. Excellent quality and excellent value for the money. @ Spoose

3. This is not just an ordinary bracelet with an infinity symbol. First of all, it also has a heart, and second, it is made of silver and crystal (check out the promotions).

Promising review:

Absolutely gorgeous bracelet, very dainty, with plenty of room for different sizes on the bracelet. I’m very pleased with this purchase, which comes in a lovely box with a cleaning cloth. @ AmazonD

4. For those who want to add a special touch to their everyday look, this paw pendant is perfect! It is handmade from sterling silver and protected against tarnishing.

Promising review:

This is exactly the discreet, pretty chain I was looking for. I received exactly what I ordered (a visually flawless match to the online product), and I am very pleased. It’s a good investment. Oh, and fast delivery! @ Michelle

5. A set of earrings for every day! Hypoallergenic jewelry for women and girls that is made of sterling silver (voucher is available).

Promising review:

These earrings are very stylish, fit nicely on my ears, and are the perfect size for work too. I recommend these earrings. They come in a nice box with all the earrings sealed, which I just opened to check the quality. Very nice quality too. @ Zahra

6. This elegant and very exquisite necklace has a sleek, unique, beautiful design—a symbol of love. It is made of high-quality natural blue crystal and plated with sterling silver (buy 4, save 5%).

Promising review:

A small pendent is the perfect size for my daughter ❤️ and it’s beautiful. @ lisa hempstead

7. That’s probably what Rihanna was talking about. Shine bright like a diamond with this classic and timeless bracelet! It’s adjustable to fit your wrist.

Promising review:

This item came extremely well packaged. The bracelet is beautiful, lightweight, adjustable, and comfortable to wear. It’s definitely suitable as a gift and can be worn for a smart-casual or formal occasion. @ Amazon Customer

8. Minimalist jewelry will always be relevant. This heart-shaped necklace is the perfect companion for everyday wear and a must-have for every modern woman.

Promising review:

This sterling silver necklace and pendant from Elli are very lovely. It has a very delicate little heart-shaped pendant. It will make a lovely gift for someone and is very reasonably priced. @ P. A. Smith

9. This ring is the epitome of elegance. You can wear it with any outfit and look glorious! It is made of sterling silver with a gold plating, which makes it durable enough to stand the test of time.

Promising review:

Excellent materials and does not oxidize or wear at all, even when used a lot. Great price. @ Matteo Zaccagnino

What kind of jewelry do you wear most often — earrings, rings, or bracelets? Do you prefer gold-plated or silver-plated?

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