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10 Big Laundry Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Our grannies knew a lot of little tricks and big rules about doing laundry. Since the invention of the electric washing machine in the 1900s, the process has become much quicker and easier. However, there are still laundry mistakes that many of us keep making which end up ruining our favorite clothes.

Bright Side gathered a list of typical laundry mistakes that might ruin your clothes and even harm your washing machine. Check to see if you are making any of these 10 mistakes.

1. Not using antibacterial laundry cleanser

If one of your family members was ill with something infectious like the flu, a simple washing might not be enough. You’ll need to use a special antibacterial laundry cleanser to prevent the infection from spreading. For white clothes, you can use some chlorine bleach. Carefully follow the instructions on the cleanser’s bottle. Usually, it says to pour it directly inside the washing machine.

2. Not cleaning the washing machine

Old models of washing machines have a lint filter which should be cleaned after every cycle. If you’re too busy, try to do it at least once a month. Take it out according to the machine’s manual and clean it with an old toothbrush and a bit of detergent. You can also soak it in hot water for 10 minutes for better results.

New machines might not have this tool. They have a cleaning cycle that is worth running monthly. Some experts also suggest using cleaning tablets or liquid solutions to prohibit the descaling of the machine. It will keep your machine working well for years and continue to provide you with clean and nice smelling laundry.

3. Washing with the wrong side out

After you have emptied the pockets of your jeans, turn them inside out. They also need to be cleaned. Also, turn delicates like sweaters or cotton shirts inside out. This will prevent pilling and fabric damage.

4. Loading too much laundry in the machine

A washing machine can look big and have plenty of space to fill. However, cleaning experts recommend that you give your clothes enough “space.” Even if the drum is full, you should still be able to fit in 2 fists freely. This will allow your stuff be properly washed and rinsed.

5. Not sorting out the socks

After putting socks together with the rest of the clothes, you might have a hard time finding them. Wash socks in a mesh bag so they don’t play hide-and-seek. Or use a clean old pillowcase instead of the bag.

6. Ignoring the “dry clean” instructions

Sometimes “dry clean” on a label basically means handle with care. This works for natural fibers, like linen or silk. You can just hand-wash them. But suede or leather would need special care that can only be provided by professionals. Otherwise, the item can be damaged.

7. Ruining fabric with bleach

Mix the bleach thoroughly with water before you add it to the laundry and don’t overuse it. Otherwise, you might end up with holes in your clothes since it makes fabric weaker. Also, excessive bleach can cause the yellowing of white clothes.

8. Not regulating the final spin speed

The final spin speed influences the type of fabric you’re washing. The process is measured in revolutions per minute. Cotton clothing can withstand up to 600 RPM and cotton towels and sheets up to 1400 RPM. But delicate fabrics should be spun at 400 RPM, while jeans can tolerate up to 900 RPM. Exceeding the number can cause holes and wear out the fabric.

9. Wearing new clothes without washing them first

Bright new clothes may bleed, but you’ll never know it before the first wash. So, put a new item in the washing machine together with other similar-colored stuff before you wear it for the first time. This will save the rest of your wardrobe from an undesirable color change.

10. Not paying attention to pillowcases

Usually bed linen does not need prewashing, experts confirm. Just choose a regular program with warm water. But this isn’t always true for the pillowcases. Check to see if they have some makeup or face cream spots before you put them in the machine and use a stain remover or a pre-wash regimen, if needed. This will provide you with clean bed linens without any stains.

Which mistakes did you make before reading this article? Feel free to share more laundry tricks in the comments!

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