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18 Valuable Tips People Shared Online to Repair Clothing and Shoes

What do you do when the zipper on your favorite pants breaks, but you don’t have the slightest idea about sewing? The easiest thing to do is turn to an expert. You can also use a “hook” to fix it. Fortunately, many people online also like to experiment and find ways to save their garments without resorting to a needle and thread. And much to our delight, they have shared their great ideas online.

Today, Bright Side gathered 18 tips from people who didn’t have a sewing machine when it came to rescuing their clothes and accessories. Who knows, maybe not wanting to throw away their favorite garments inspired them to come up with an excellent solution — just see for yourself.

1. “What grade does my improvised buckle deserve?”

2. “Always keep a box of multi-colored paper clips near your closet.”

3. “The zipper to your pants won’t stay up? Add a keyring.”

4. “Pants too long? Put a rubber band around and roll the pant leg up over the band. It keeps them from unrolling.”

5. “If a ring is too big for you, you can use hot silicone to avoid losing it. But wait for the silicone to cool and harden before you try.”

6. “Use ribbon to add a drawstring to a pair of elastic pants/shorts that are too loose for you in the waist.”

7. “Biggest sneaker-life hack: Use an eraser to remove stains/ dirt from sneakers.”

8. “This was my solution to the ’all my pants are too short’ problem, turns out to be a huge compliment getter!”

9. Feeling comfortable during your training

“When your fitness sneakers’ shoelaces are too long (left), try to roll them and support them together with the sneaker by sliding the grouped lace under one of the laces, crossing the superior part of the sneaker (right).”

10. A great tip for pregnant women to wear their favorite jeans for a longer period of time

11. “My watch band broke on the way out of the house this morning, so I improvised.”

12. “When your headphones start to peel, use some adhesive tape to clean it.”

13. “Rolled-up sleeves keep falling down? Put rubber bands around the rolled-up sleeve to keep them in place!”

14. “Just fixed my pants with superglue because I’m too cool for sewing.”

15. “Cover your white shoes in toilet paper while drying so they come out clean and white without yellow stains.”

16. “Rubbing a used dryer sheet on shirts and other garments removes deodorant marks.”

17. “If you can’t remove an uncomfortable label, cut it in a small semi-circle to avoid the sharp edges from snipping it straight!”

18. “Remove scuff marks on high heels with acetone-free nail varnish!”

Did you know any of these tips? Which of them would you like to try? Have you ever tried any of these tricks on your garments?

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