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6 Things to Do When You Notice Someone Is Following You in a Car

Not only celebrities get stalked. Unfortunately, around 15% of women and 6% of men in the US have been followed by someone at least once. Being followed while driving can make our blood run cold, and we can easily make the wrong move.

Bright Side has researched what you can do to protect yourself in such an unnerving situation.

1. Confirm that you’re being followed.

The first thing you need to do is stay calm and make sure that you’re not overthinking things. Make a detour that no one would make coincidentally. For instance, take 4 right turns so that you’ll end up on the same road. Or if you’re driving on a highway, take an exit, but instead of moving off the highway, return to the freeway.

You can also move to the right lane and slow down. Cars moving behind you will have to pass. If after these actions, the same car is still behind you, there’s a chance that it’s not just your imagination, and someone is trailing you.

2. Keep driving!

The safest option for you is to continue your ride. Don’t try to exit your car since someone might attack you. Make sure to lock your doors and close the windows — it only takes seconds for someone to enter an unlocked car.

3. Don’t go home.

There’s a chance that the person who’s following you doesn’t know much about you. And you likely don’t want to show your pursuer where you live, so stay on high-traffic roads.

The best option would be to drive to the police station and wait in the car for the officer to come from the building. They will escort you inside safely.

4. Try to maneuver a getaway.

It’s easier to get away from an unwanted follower on roads with lots of cars and stop signs. Seek to swerve as the follower will unlikely be able to break driving rules and this will attract unwanted attention.

When stopping at a red light, be ready for evasive maneuvering. Keep your distance from the car in front of you so that you can quickly and easily change lanes and hide from the chaser.

5. Don’t show that you noticed them.

Although it is difficult to keep a sound mind, try not to provoke the chaser and don’t reveal that you know you’re being followed. Don’t look in the rearview mirror a lot, and act and drive as usual. It’ll be better if they think they weren’t exposed.

6. Prepare to call the police.

Without showing that you’re interested in the car behind you, try to gather as much information as possible, like the appearance of the driver, the car’s model, the license plate number, where you’re driving, etc., and call the police.

Have you ever been followed by someone while driving? What do you think is important to remember in such situations?

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