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7 Home Tips That Make You Say, “How Did I Just Learn About This Now?”

Your home is a place where you always need to fix or clean something. If you’re tired of the tiles in your bathroom always getting dirty and don’t know how to get rid of the paint your kid got on the carpet, you need to check out some of our tips here.

We at Bright Side hope your home routine will never make you exhausted and we want to share some tips that can simplify your life.

1. Use a toilet paper roll to hang your curtains.

If you want your curtains to look gorgeous just use this trick. Next time, after washing them, use toilet paper rolls as it’s shown in the picture. Your curtains won’t look messy while hanging and it’s basically free.

2. Use food boxes to create an open wardrobe.

This may sound weird but you can actually create a cool wardrobe with food boxes. This tip is especially helpful if you don’t have any extra money. Hang the stick between the boxes as it’s shown above and there you are. Enjoy a self-made wardrobe.

3. Use magazine racks in your fridge.

Instead of storing different food cans chaotically, try to save some space. Use a metal magazine rack so the cans can be arranged systematically and so you can save lots of space in the fridge.

4. Use hairspray to get rid of marks on your carpet.

If you have a kid at home, your carpet probably has lots of marks from felt-tip pens. Just try hairspray. Spray it on the spot and then rub it with a brush until it’s gone.

5. Use a candle to keep seams between tiles clean.

This hack is super easy and effective. Rub the seams between tiles in your bathroom or kitchen with a candle so they will become waterproof. Now, they won’t get dirty that quickly.

6. Use a plunger while drilling.

To protect the floor from the dust created when drilling, use a plunger. Just use its top and set it on the drill, as shown in the picture.

7. Use ice to get rid of old marks on your carpet.

If you have ever moved something from a carpet, you probably know that the marks left there are so difficult to remove. For this, just put some ice on these marks and wait until it melts. Then brush the carpet. Now, it’s just like new!

What hacks do you use to keep your home cool? Which of our tips did you like the most?

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