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9 Things to Do to Get Out of a Suspicious Situation

Our ex-partners or even acquaintances might engage in suspicious behavior. There’re also strangers whose motives are unclear. Although we never know what to expect from them, we can have a precise plan for ourselves that can be a true lifesaver. It’s better to listen to your common sense and not be afraid to seem weird since being better is safer than sorry.

Bright Side found 9 things you can do to guard yourself and prevent possible consequences.

1. Avoid stopping the car

If you notice a car has been behind you for a long time, the first urge will probably be to pull over and let the car pass just to make sure. However, the best decision would be to pull over to another lane or not to stop the car at all.

2. Don’t pay much attention to flashing lights.

Pretty often flashing headlights are used to warn another driver of a problem they are unaware of. Nevertheless, some use it to make you pull over. If you’re sure everything is fine with your car, don’t stop and keep going.

3. Act in unpredictable ways

While driving, make wrong turns, turn on the left blinker and turn right instead, of course, when the conditions for that are adequate. If you’re going somewhere on foot, then turn and walk in the opposite direction.

4. Count to check

According to an ex-CIA officer, there are three steps to find out if your suspicions are justified. If you see the same person once, it’s an accident, two times — a coincidence, and if it’s three times, you’d better do something about it. Besides, if you’re in the car, make 4 right turns, and if the same car is still there, you know it’s time to take action.

5. Drive through traffic cams.

Make sure to pass by the traffic cams to get all possible data recorded. Remember the street names, and later the information recorded on the cams might come in handy and be of great help to police officers.

6. Look ahead of you

If you look around often, you give the sign that you noticed something is wrong. As a consequence, you might be caught up with later when you’re not suspicious. The best thing is to act natural.

7. Make use of communication.

If you know the suspicious person and feel safe approaching them, tell them to leave you alone. Be firm and don’t engage in a long conversation, just state your demand and leave. At the same time, if it’s a stranger, don’t communicate with them. Their behavior is unknown to you, and neither are the motives.

8. Write down your feelings.

The point is to track the times you feel like you’re in a suspicious situation. Make sure to write down the time, date as well as place when you felt this way. Later the recorded information will be of great help to police officers and attorneys. It can also prove that the encounters are not accidental but really bothering you.

9. Let your hair down.

Ponytails make it easier to grab your hair. It’s better to let it down once you notice something looks fishy.

What other tips do you know? Which ones are not even worth remembering and never work?

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