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Regarding these suggestions: Has anyone there actually tried to talk to some of the kids out there today?????
You have a bunch of Entitled ratbag who regardless of the rules of Society let alone businesses like Restaurants teach their kids they have more rights than adults bc some are cute so they can manipulate people, they don't have to worry if a babysitter shows up or not they will Still take them to an adults restaurant where they're not supposed to be, annoy and upset others bc it's convenient for their parents, l don't blame the kids but the parents.
l've seen one mother stand by while her 2 kids jumped the counter & put their mouths over the soft serve nozzle, while his brother grabbed a huge handful of hot chips before running off. When asked about it "mother" just shrugged and said, not my problem. in the meantime no one got chips or soft serve while they had to clean the machinery. Seen too much to think for one moment any of these would work, nice idea, but l'm a realist and these come under the heading of FANTASY!
Oh and BTW l'm a mum and a grandmother.