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11 Animals We Didn’t Know Existed, But They’re So Charming We Want To Adopt Them

Our planet has been creating its own masterpieces for millions of years, and we will probably never be able to experience or see everything the world has prepared for us. Sounds sad, but it also means that we have enough breathtaking things to see for the rest of our lives. The world is wonderful, and we share it with the most adorable creatures.

Here at Bright Side we’ve discovered some super adorable animals who conquered our hearts at first sight. Take a look, maybe they’ll win yours too!

1. Long-tailed tit ⠀

  • The type of long-tailed tit that looks like tiny cotton candy is common in Japan. They grow to be around 6 inches and they are very acrobatic: they hang upside down from time to time in search of food.

2. Ezo Momonga

  • These cuties are from Japan as well. They’re about 8 inches in length, and have a membrane between their ankles and wrists so they can glide. They hide in holes during the day and come out at night to forage for food.

3. Pika

  • Pikas dwell in the mountains of Asia and North America. They live in cold temperatures and can die if the temperature gets to be above 77.9°F (25.5°C).

4. White weasel

  • They may look tiny, but don’t fall for it — weasels are active predators. Interestingly, different kinds of weasels live everywhere in the world except for Australia, Antarctica, and their neighboring islands.

5. Sand cat

  • Sand cats live far from water sources, in sandy and stony deserts. They are widely distributed in the Arabian peninsula and the Middle East, and are listed as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List, so they are totally fine.

6. Blue-footed booby

  • It is s a marine bird living in the regions of the eastern Pacific Ocean. The brightness of their feet is dependent on their age and fades over time. Females tend to mate with younger males who have brighter feet.

7. American marten

  • The American marten is native to the forests of northern North America. They mainly live on trees, but they’re also great swimmers that are even able to swim underwater.

8. Coati

  • Coatis are mammals that live in South America, Central America, Mexico, and the southwestern United States. When a coati sleeps, it tucks its nose into its belly. This sounds sweet, but it is for defense. When provoked, they can be fierce fighters — coatis have strong jaws and sharp canine teeth.

9. Short-eared elephant shrew

  • These are small (around 6 inches cm long) mammals native to Africa. Elephant shrews are one of the fastest small mammals, and they’ve been recorded to reach a speed of 17.9 mph (28.8 km/h). Despite their small size, they’re more closely related to elephants than to shrews!

10. Highland cattle

  • It is Scottish and it’s the oldest breed of rustic cattle, being first documented in 1884. They have a long shaggy coat and consume about 155 lbs of plants a day!

11. African Pygmy Falcon

  • The African pygmy falcon lives in eastern and southern Africa. Being only 8 inches long, it’s the smallest raptor on the continent.

Do you know of any other small yet fierce animals? Let us know in the comments!

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