15 Animals Who Are Living Proof of Nature’s Ability to Create Beauty

Ask any pet owner and they will give you a reason why their furry best friend is special. It could be because of the animal’s personality, the way they eat, or the way they run or jump around — all animals have their quirks. But some of them are just different. They’ve personally been made unique by Mother Nature, and yet they’re still as stunning as ever.

Bright Side thinks that different is perfect, and here are 15 animals that prove just that.

1. “They don’t work, but Stephen has the most beautiful eyes.”

2. “My mom’s cat has a heart spot when she lies down.”

3. “My kitten has hearts behind her ears!”

4. “Sally’s got the eyes...and the Mona Lisa smile to go with it.”

5. Differences are what make this world so beautiful.

6. “My sister took some more holiday pictures with her albino hedgehog, Iris.”

7. “This little guy with his Eugene Levy eyebrow is up for adoption at a local humane shelter.”

8. Frankie is a 1-eyed kitten born with 4 ears!

9. Nebula is a very fitting name for this unique dog!

10. Sam’s eyebrow markings make him look like he’s always surprised.

11. Mickey Mouse or Maleficent?

12. If Baby Yoda was a pup...

13. “Meet Edgar, the albino wallaroo.”

14. Hamilton is the most gentlemanly cat!

15. “My blind dog, Miley, enjoying the dog park”

Does your pet have something that makes them unique and different? We’re sure everybody would love to see more of these pictures, so please share them with us.

Preview photo credit jujukamoo / reddit
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