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15 Pets That Are Living With a Human Soul

Just when you thought you couldn’t feel closer to your pet, we managed to find some examples of animals who are as similar to humans as it gets. In fact, they are so attached to us, that our behavior affects them, just as much as our children’s (or at least cat’s).

That’s why, today, at Bright Side, we decided to carry out an informal experiment to show how our furry friends behave just like us.

1. “My dog is very suspicious about why I’m home on a work day.”

2. “I wonder what she sees out there.”

3. “He likes to sit and watch TV like a person.”

4. “I tried to video chat with my cat and she recognized me.”

5. “We didn’t set this up... We literally found her this way.”

6. “A stray cat brought its kitten into my house today. The kitten was aggressive, but the mom was surprisingly chill.”

7. “Strudel made a friend.”

8. “My friend owns a salon. His client asked if she could bring her dog since he’s well-behaved. This was him the entire appointment.”

9. “Dogs on International Yoga Day in India”

10. “Enjoying movie night”

11. “My mom sent me this picture of my dad and my cat captioned ’Billie’s first computer class’ and I thought it was so cute.”

12. “Sucking on a jelly bean”

13. “Going for a swim and ‘something’ is touching you”

14. “What is Ringo so surprised about?”

15. “Looking cool on the way to the park”

Do you feel your pets are human, like too human? Do you have any pictures you’d like to share with us? Share your stories and pictures in the comments!

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