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15+ Pets That Lost Some Weight but None of Their Cuteness

According to veterinarians, up to 59% of pets can be classified as obese. And this is no surprise, considering many pets are kept in apartments with limited opportunity for movement throughout the day. However, limiting treats and making walks or playtime at home more active can do wonders for our little friends.

We at Bright Side invite you to join us in celebrating some dedicated pets that got healthier but stayed absolutely adorable.

1. “Lost a little bit of weight.”

2. “6-month difference”

3. “From 3 ounces to 2.8 ounces, Alexander has reached his goal chonk!”

4. “Almost 3 years of de-chonking”

5. “Buddy’s epic weight loss!”

6. “Tanooki is basically a kitten again!”

7. “Handsome ex-chonker”

8. “Proud of my baby Loki, he did so well.”

9. “Rosie is almost at her goal weight!”

10. “Danni Devito’s weight loss progress!”

11. “Look at Wolfgang go!”

12. “Phoebe’s weight loss journey is going well.”

13. “My sister’s corgi, from 40 lb to 22 lb!”

14. “Progress report (~18 lb to 12 lb)”

15. “2 years and TONS of walks later, Shiloh has reached her target weight!”

16. “Tommy Boy has been successfully de-chonked.”

17. “Porkchop before and after de-chonking”

18. “Adopted this cute and overweight kitty a few years ago, put him on a diet, and now he’s less than half the weight of when I first got him!”

Has your pet ever struggled with extra weight? Which one of these cuties impressed you the most?

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