15 Pics That Show Just How Pure the Bond Between Pets and Humans Is

The harmonious relationship between humans and animals dates back thousands of years to when our ancient ancestors broke the interspecies limitations and befriended wolves. Over time, our connection with animals who became domesticated grew even deeper, and today there’s hardly anything humans won’t do for the sake of their beloved pets... literally anything.

We at Bright Side couldn’t hide the burst of emotions we got from preparing this compilation of 15 photos that portray the loving bond humans share with their pets, and we bet you’ll feel the same way.

1. My 11-year-old dog is blind but still loves hiking, so I got her doggles to protect her eyes from sticks.

2. My husband and cat share a birthday week.

3. Adopted our first family puppy today. I think our 2-year-old approves.

4. My fiancée just graduated with her master’s degree today. We had a photoshoot, but Rowdy got a bit jealous so...

5. The kittens found the baby again.

6. Felt cute, might delete later.

7. The temptation is real.

8. Old man is deaf. I’m waking him up by using my scent so I don’t spook him by touching him. Here’s the moment he knows it’s me by my scent.

9. She hates cuddling, she gets too warm — but she’s my cuddle monster when I have a migraine.

10. I painted my cat, Spaghetti.

11. We call her “The Wedge.” She loves to squeeze herself into every chair my wife happens to be sitting in.

12. That look when you first meet your best friend

13. My niece just got a puppy. I think he likes her.

14. Murphy likes to hug my pregnant tum. The baby was going crazy, so I think he or she can feel the purring vibrations!

15. I think Bonito was happy that I took a sick day today.

Which of these images do you think best captures the true relationship between humans and their pets?

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Preview photo credit WildBill- / Reddit
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