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16 Hilarious Animals That Can’t Decide What Species They Belong To

A dog that resembles Groot, a cat that thinks he’s a loaf of bread, and hamsters that look like pancakes — we’re sure that these animals will definitely put a smile on your face! Don’t believe us? Check them out below!

Bright Side has collected the best pictures of animals that think they can turn into anything.

“Hey, look! I’m just like you, human!”

“I am Groot.”

“Am I a pug?”

“A spy is among us.”

A 3-headed dragon

Dogs can turn into the cat from Shrek.

“I’m a loaf.”


“He likes his new toy.”

“I’m a sad sun.”

These sleeping hamsters look like pancakes.

“My dog has 2 completely different looks.”

Yoda? Is that you?

“I’m a cat! Pet me!”

When everything works out:

“He’s an angel, isn’t he?”

Bonus: cat’s paw

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