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16 Reddit Users Who Always Have a Cool Pic to Post Thanks to Their Precious Pets

When there are pets in your house, it’s highly unlikely that you have a boring social media account. A new day with your cat or dog brings about cool shots to post, harvesting endless likes and nice comments from friends. Whether it’s a funny face your cat makes or a touching gesture from your doggo, take a picture to make the moment last forever — then share it with the world.

We adore our pets here at Bright Side, and we never miss a chance to look at the pet pics people post on social media. Here are 16 pictures from Reddit that show funny and candid moments between humans and their pets, and we hope you can add your photos to our collection.

1. “I sneezed and my kitten was disgusted.”

2. “I’m currently 40 weeks pregnant and his favorite spot is on the bump.”

3. “Little Milo having a snooze with Peter Rabbit is the most precious thing ever.”

4. “My mom puts her puppy in her apron pocket when she preps dinner and I’m not sure who enjoys it more.”

5. “Our dog has hardly left my wife’s side since the baby arrived. He’s a proud older brother.”

6. “A moth got into the bathroom, so a hunting party was formed.”

7. “Bib was accidentally locked outside, and she had a lot to say about it.”

8. “He brings me his tiny bowl when he wants more kibbles, which is always.”

9. “I accidentally woke him up by rearranging my legs.”

10. “Every day, Momo cries until my boyfriend puts him in his ’hammock’ for nap time.”

11. “Rosie grins when she gets excited, and this is what I come home to every day.”

12. Those charming eyes

13. “I’m going to miss my coworker when I’m no longer working from home.”

14. “This big baby is only 3 months old. She’s scared of thunderstorms.”

15. “Our daughter was born just a few days ago. Luna has just noticed.”

16. “How my cat looks at my wife whenever we’re sitting together not paying attention to her”

Do you have pets? Do you have a picture of a funny or touching moment you and your pet have recently shared? Show us your precious photos in the comments!

Preview photo credit pokoring / Reddit
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