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17 Crossbreeds That Are Just as Beautiful as Purebred Dogs

At the moment, there are around 450 globally recognized dog breeds. But sometimes, crossbreed dogs are born — this is when the parents are of different breeds. Some of them even have their own names. For example, the mix of a Pomeranian and Husky — Pomsky.

We at Bright Side think that these dogs are absolutely charming. Take a look for yourself!

Corgi + St. Bernard

Dachshund + German Shepherd

Golden Retriever + Husky

Corgi + German Shepherd

Newfoundland + German Shepherd

Siberian Husky + Pomeranian

Maltese + Beagle

Corgi + Poodle

St. Bernard + Husky

Pyrenean Mountain Dog + Siberian Husky

Pug + Shar Pei

Rottweiler + Labrador

Australian Shepherd + Husky

Samoyed + Husky

Bulldog + Chihuahua

Corgi + Chihuahua

Labrador + Chihuahua

Which crossbreed dog from this article is the cutest one?

Preview photo credit mileyfunku / reddit, Sardic / reddit
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