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17 Photos From the Participants of the “Shoulder Cat” Challenge

“If there’s a Puss in Boots, why shouldn’t there be a Shoulder Puss?”, Internet users thought, and began training their pets, starting a big challenge. But we all know that you can’t make a cat do something against its will. So, not everyone can claim victory.

At Bright Side, we decided to repeat this challenge with our cats, but we only managed to laugh and take comical photos, very much like the pictures in this article. At the end, you’ll find a bonus: other animals also participated in the challenge.

1. “My dreams of having a shoulder cat have come true.”

2. “Two shoulders, two kittens”

3. “Shoulder cat will be fun, they said.”

4. Travellers

5. Almost

6. “Here’s my toothless one-eyed shoulder cat.”

7. “I see your shoulder cat and raise you a head cat.”

8. “Here we are.”

9. “Are we still doing shoulder cats?”

10. “I was told that shoulder cats are trending today.”

11. “I went to the shelter to look at dogs, they didn’t have any there, but once this little girl saw me, she started pawing at her cage. Now I have a new forever friend.”

12. “My shoulder cat”

13. Sailor Moon’s been looking for these two.

14. “Behold the glorious whiskers of the shoulder cat.”

15. “I couldn’t resist and Photoshopped this photo. It was just too perfect!”

16. “Shoulder cats are cool and all, but what about pocket cats?”

17. The Catman

Bonus: Owners of other animals decided to show their shoulder pets too.

“Does shoulder duck make the cut?”

“I see your shoulder cats, is it too late for a shoulder baby opossum?”

“Big dogs can be shoulder dogs too. Meet Ruka.”

“I give you Azu, the shoulder snake.”

“I see your shoulder cat and raise you a shoulder rooster.”

“What about a mouse?”

Do you have a shoulder cat? Share its photo in the comments below.

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