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18 Animals That Now Have Homes and Their Owners Are on Cloud Nine

There are 2 reasons why animals end up in shelters: either their owners bring them there or these animals are just found on the streets. We don’t know the stories of every pet, but we can all give them a new home and some love. The people from this compilation did exactly that.

We at Bright Side hope that more and more animals will have new owners because all of them deserve to have a home and be loved.

“My friend adopted this cutie.”

“Adopted my first cat ever today! Meet Earl.”

First day, and now 5 years later

“Everyone meet Lily. She’s a stray that adopted my husband and me today. He’s not a cat person, but she won him over with that adorable look of love.”

“Just adopted this little girl!! She’s missing an eye but that’s okay.”

“I adopted a gorgeous (and very skinny) Manx and several days later she had a single kitten. Meet Stella and Bug!”

“Cherry. Before at her foster’s at the beginning of April 2020 and after, taken one week ago.”

“I just adopted my first senior cat, Baby. She clung to us immediately and even slept with us on her first night. She’s the sweetest kitty.”

“Meet Spyro! Glad we took a chance on this shivering, terrified mess a year ago at the pound. He’s the sweetest, most grateful boy in the universe!”

“Once my rescue pup realized that she had a basket of toys, she used to take them all out and sleep on them.”

“I adopted Mochi in January, her loaf in the cage is what drew me to her. She still has perfect form.”

“We got ours 3 weeks ago. His tail wags as he eats his dinner. My heart just bursts.”

“This little guy got adopted from the shelter 2 days ago. He is perfection.”

“This is Puddin’. We adopted her yesterday and I would already die for her.”

“3 months ago and today”

“No one wanted to adopt her, but I thought she was the prettiest.”

“I went to the shelter to adopt a dog, and I found those 2 in this posture, I couldn’t separate them so I ended up adopting both of them.”

Find someone that will look at you the way this adopted puppy looks at its human.

Show us the photos of your pets in the comment section below!

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