18 Pets Who Show Their Solidarity in the Most Supportive Ways

If there’s anyone who is always ready to help, give support, or simply keep us company in difficult times, it’s animals. Despite being considered “irrational,” pets all over the world show us every day that they care about each other, even if that other is not necessarily their human guardian or an animal of the same species. The fact is we have a lot to learn from these true beasts of companionship.

You know very well that at Bright Side, we adore animals. That’s why we wanted to prepare a new selection of animals that anyone would like to call their best friend.

1. “A male lizard holding up his girlfriend so she can take a nap”

2. “Suddenly the cone’s not so bad.”

3. “A cat and mouse being friends”

4. “She’s scared of the vacuum, so her sister protects her.”

5. “Guarding the packages — good boy!”

6. “They always sleep like that.”

7. “Best friends share.”

8. “This is how he sleeps. He loves his mama.”

9. Dogs and cats don’t get along? Tell that to these guys...

10. “This good boy acting as ’best dog’ at a wedding”

11. These 2 seem to have no problem sharing the same ball.

12. “My sister’s puppy decided to befriend the cat.”

13. Who cares about differences when you both want to have fun?

14. Inseparable companions, even at nap time!

15. “How we are, mom and me”

16. “Our chihuahua recently had surgery. Our other dog is sleeping on the ground now too for moral support.”

17. “Our 6-month-old puppy snuggling with her 11-year-old brother for the first time”

18. “Our Tuxedo is so aggressive, he has to be fully sedated for the vet to even examine him. But he’ll let the new kitten rub his belly.”

Have you also witnessed solidarity among animals? In your opinion, what is the best thing about living with one? Join the conversation on this topic below in the comments!

Preview photo credit syberburns / Reddit
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