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18 Pics That Prove No One Can Make You Smile Faster Than Pets

It seems like people who have pets are never in a bad mood. It’s all because these little fluffies have magical skills that can make anyone smile within seconds. From mischief and dogs who sit in the weirdest of ways to sweet and touching moments, the pets in this compilation will make you smile for sure.

We at Bright Side never get tired of looking at doggos and kitties and so we have compiled another bunch of photos to show you how wonderful and funny having a pet is.

“My dad sent me this picture of his cats.”

“I’m cat-sitting this guy and I think he broke?”

“I do remember I am a dog!”

“This seems like a good place for Laurie to chill (Fry is in the background).”

Cat returns home after what can only be assumed to be a fight with Spider-Man.

“Jack thought that if he stayed still, we wouldn’t notice him sitting in the stockpot. He was wrong.”

“Last week we picked up Sam, our newest addition to the family. This was his first nap in his new house.”

Yoga or broken?

“My dog after spilling water on my bed.”

“Does anyone else’s cat sit like this?”

“I splishy splashy. Am I in trouble?”

“That can’t be comfortable.... Right??”

“He fell asleep looking out the window this morning.”

Never. Trust. Silence.

Dobby is a free cat!

“He makes this face every time I ask him if he wants to go for a walk.”

Proud mom moment

This dog repeats all the movements of his owner.

Do you have a pet? How do they make you smile every day?

Preview photo credit donjuamon / reddit