20 Fluffy Fellas Who Got Totally Possessed by the Halloween Spirit

Halloween is knocking at the door, and our pets are also getting ready for this spooky festival. Cats probably fit the haunted atmosphere of Halloween best of all: they help their humans carve pumpkins, try some trick-or-treating, guard our haunted houses, and can even be a part of all the decorations thanks to their eerie looks.

Here at Bright Side, we fell in love with these cats who got carried away by the Halloween spirit, and we hope they inspire you and your pets to plan some cheerful celebrations!

1. “Count Catula”

2. “Double, double toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble.”

3. “When I told my kitty it was Halloween:”

4. Alright, I’m inside. But where are the treats?

5. No jack-o’-lantern needed when you have a cat like this.

6. A group of black cats can also substitute for Halloween decorations.

7. “A cat and her hat”

8. The king of the haunted house

9. A scary pose just in time for Halloween

10. So, human, how do you carve your Halloween pumpkin?

11. “Her face when she realized it was finally spooky season”

12. A piece of white cloth with some holes in it, and your cat’s Halloween costume is ready.

13. Say “Hocus Pocus!” and a lovely kitty will pop out of your pumpkin.

14. That’s my pumpkin, human. Get your own!

15. Trying to work some spooky magic

16. A black cat and a spooky pumpkin, all in one photo

17. Let me taste that pumpkin before you carve it.

18. The spirit of Halloween in its lair

19. Make sure your trick-or-treat bowl is full this Halloween.

20. It’s “trick or cat” ladies and gentlemen. Choose one!

Are your pets ready for Halloween? Share the pictures of your furry friends in the Halloween mood in the comments!

Preview photo credit lilfr00tbat / Reddit
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