20+ People Whose Pets Will Remember Their Visits to the Vet Forever

Veterinarians have a very difficult time — their patients are nimble, they bite, and they have claws. Moreover, they themselves can’t say what bothers them. And their personalities are a separate problem, since even their owners don’t always get along with them. However, despite all the difficulties, good doctors selflessly help, and even save, our 4-legged friends every day.

We at Bright Side hope that you’ll only meet kind and positive veterinarians in your life. Just like the people from our compilation.

“Took the kittens to the vet today. The peace and quiet didn’t last long.”

“This baby greets dogs, kittens, and all kinds of animals at the vet’s office! She is a great little receptionist!”

“For the first time in years, the animal shelter has adopted out all their dogs and the kennels are empty.”

“Our good boy alerted my wife and I that his sister was having a medical emergency.”

“She was rushed to the vet clinic and is doing well now. And he earned a certificate.”

Flap your ears and fly high.

“The vet handed me a printed copy of my poodle’s photo from her medical file.”

“Going home from the clinic. Don’t let his face fool you. He is thrilled.”

“This weekend, thanks to our specialists, 4 beautiful Yorkshire Terriers were born.”

“My friends and I saved a baby ringtail possum! Here she is with the vet.”

“My cat may have ‘mild’ vet anxiety.”

“This is Teo. He ran away 40 minutes before the vet visit and came back 15 minutes after I decided to not go there.”

  • We tried to make him come to us with treats and toys, but he was just looking at us from my neighbor’s backyard. I’m sure he would’ve shown us some obscene gestures if he could. He also loves boxes. © UncreativePieceOf / reddit

“The vet sent us this photo this morning. I can’t wait to pick up our kid tomorrow.”

“Hello, my surgery went well! See you tomorrow! Rocco”

“She underwent surgery, but the vet didn’t have a cone in the proper size.”

“They both chose the same hiding place at the vet.”

“What is this ‘vet’ place? I don’t like it and I want to go home.”

Edna seems to love going to the vet.

“My sister is a vet. She sends me pictures of her ‘clients’ sometimes.”

“My sister took my cat to the clinic for shots and sent me the pictures.”

“Zoe’s primary concern at the vet was this pic of a random cat.”

“Smiling Archie at his first vet appointment”

“Spatune making sure we know how displeased he is with the fact that he was brought to the vet.”

“Working at a vet clinic has its perks. For example, this pocket full of cuteness.”

“McGuffin goes to the vet.”

“We had to shave my little gentleman’s legs. And we ended up giving him these boots with fur.”

How do your pets feel about the vet?

Preview photo credit johncpeterson71 / reddit
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