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20+ Rescue Animals That Prove Love Heals Every Wound

It’s heartbreaking to see what some animals have to go through while living on the streets. While some are lucky enough to be taken care of by locals in the area, others have to be rescued and nurtured back into being happy, and most importantly, healthy.

We at Bright Side have a strong admiration for animals who can pull through and want to share 23 examples of their strength with you.

1. “From a little baby with a respiratory infection and who was full of worms, to the biggest sweetheart...”

2. “The day we got her at the shelter vs Now.”

3. Jake was found underneath a car, half-frozen and alone. This is him one year after his rescue.

4. “My Bojack at the shelter vs After we found each other”

5. She was found in the middle of nowhere, malnourished. The pictures are 5 years apart after her adoption.

6. He followed his human home one day, best decision he’s ever made. Now he’s as happy as he could be.

7. “My foster kitty the day I picked her up and a week later”

8. She was found in a Walmart parking lot. Now she’s living her best life.

9. She used to be a skinny kitten with crust on her eyes. 6 months later, she’s happy, healthy, and ready for her forever home.

10. “On the left is Otis first arriving at the shelter and on the right is Otis adopted, clean, and being a good boy at home.”

11. Just a few months can make a difference. This is her before and after her adoption.

12. “Top left is the ride home from the shelter, the rest are after the first 3 months in his forever home.”

13. Exactly 4 months later after getting adopted!

14. Months of work and patience led to a happy cat (finally!).

15. Rescue day vs Now

16. This is the same cat, 6 months apart. She was one of 2 cats that were abandoned by their mother.

17. She was adopted from a Lucky Lab Rescue. Now she’s blossomed into a happy girl.

18. “After about a year and a half of showing up on our porch, Snowball has improved immeasurably. She’s my perfect angel.”

19. She was originally called “Gremlin.” But after being rescued and treated by a local vet, she’s looking much healthier.

20. “From terrified car engine kitty to the floof master and the key to my heart.”

21. From a scared pup, to a happy pup.

22. He looks much healthier and happier after 5 months of being adopted.

23. “One year ago when I rescued her and now, showing gratitude.”

Do you have any happy stories of animal rescues? Share their before and after pictures with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit dela_angelo / Reddit
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