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20 Pets Who Would Give Their Owners the World if They Could

Unlimited hugs and kisses when you ask for them and unlimited hugs and kisses even when you DON’T — sums up the life of every pet owner. Be it cats, dogs, or even reptiles, animals just have so much love to give to their owners that they make our world a little easier to live in.

Bright Side has picked 20 soulful photos of pets who are infinitely in love with their owners to light up your day.

1. “I’ve taken hundreds of photos of Cabbage, but this has got to be the best one.”

2. “I pet you now hooman.”

3. “Milly and me: There are times I honestly forget she is there.”

4. My best friend went to every class with me and helped me graduate.

5. “Here is a picture of me and my bearded dragon Bowser playing my PS4.”

6. “Nala always wants to be close to me.”

7. “My dad lives alone in the Australian bush and cares for a family of wild kangaroos, he just sent me this photo.”

8. “Every night, she meows at us until we hold her like this.”

9. “My puppy brings me toys when I’m pooping so I don’t get bored.”

10. “I was alone when I fell asleep, but I guess they wanted to join in on the fun.”

11. We started leaving food out for a stray cat at work. Now she won’t leave us alone.

12. “This is how my dog waits for my family to get home.”

13. “At 62 years old, I decided to get over my ’I don’t like cats’ phase. Here is the result so far...”

14. “He’s making sure I don’t drown on my pee break.”

15. Having a pet makes you realize that napping alone is overrated.

16. “My grandpa lives alone and this cat brings him so much joy with moments like this.”

17. “What my family sees VS What I see first thing when I wake up every day.”

18. “My dog takes care of my dad when he is alone.”

19. I was having a bad day at work so the cat decided to comfort me.

20. My boy and I had the best Thanksgiving dinner.

What is the sweetest thing your pet has done for you? Share their cute faces with us in the comments below!

Preview photo credit AsianKhaleesi / Reddit
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