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21 Cute Photos Proving Animals Are Furry Human Copies

Sometimes our pets look like they’re able to experience the same feelings and emotions as humans. We’re sure that you’ll find a lot in common with a kitty that has hurt its pinky toe or a pug that put a hat on by itself.

Bright Side invites you to take a look at some animals that act just like us.

21. When you put your hat on without your mom’s request and realize you’re an adult:

20. When you eat 4 pancakes instead of 3:

19. When the photographer asks you to smile during a family photo shoot:

18. When you order a salad but your boyfriend’s dish tastes so much better:

17. When you come home and realize you’ve forgotten about an important event and your girlfriend is like:

16. When you’re in your comfort zone and just don’t care:

15. When you hurt your pinky toe:

14. When you take a nap and wake up 10 hours later:

13. When a sad song comes on and you imagine that it’s about you:

12. When you post your first Instagram selfie:

11. When you truly love your job:

10. When you go to have a glass of water at night and see yourself in the mirror:

9. When you make great plans for the weekend, but your laziness is too strong:

8. When you’re almost done with your lashes but sneeze suddenly:

7. When you and your buddy have a weird hobby that no one understands:

6. When you’re falling asleep and suddenly recall a shameful thing that happened to you in the 5th grade:

5. When you’re in a terrible situation but pretend that everything’s fine:

4. When your baby comes to your bed at 5 AM to sleep with you:

3. When you’ve just turned away and your kids are fighting again:

2. The moment you hear a great secret:

1. When you’re ready for a party:

Which photo is the funniest? Share your impressions with us!

Preview photo credit Slborreggine / Reddit
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