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21 Reasons Why Black Cats Can Brighten Up Our Day

Black cats, more than any other colored animals, are usually found at shelters and they wait longer to be adopted. This could be because their appearance instills fear or because superstitious people think that kittens in this color bring bad luck. Whatever the reason, we believe that all animals are valuable.

Bright Side wants to pay tribute to black cats with this photographic exhibition that shows them in their daily life.

1. “I’m waiting to bloom.”

2. “He has extreme concerns when I shower.”

3. “This hardware store has a black cat that apparently just waltzed in and never left. They call him ’Blacky’.”

4. “My cat is finally sitting on the sofa I crocheted for her.”

5. I am so soft I have pockets.

6. “My wife said she was making tacos for dinner and before I could blink, Obsidian pops out with lightning speed.”

7. “Blackie was abandoned by his family right before Christmas. We took him in. Here he is hugging all of his presents at once.”

8. “Jasper and Neil were a little dramatic about their recent vet visit.”

9. “Just had to adopt this sweetie after hearing she was at the shelter the longest. I love her to death!”

10. “My other co-worker for the next 3 weeks. She has no regard for social distancing.”

11. “I adopted this loaf 2 months ago! She still loves to rest her head on my hand.”

12. “He doesn’t belong to me, but he frequently visits my apartment, sits purring for a few hours, and then asks to leave. He seems to do this to everyone in the apartment complex. He is a public cat.”

13. “He’s nervous for his date.”

14. “Thought I got a kitten, got a friendly demon instead.”

15. “I thought angels were meant to go on top of Christmas trees, not under them.”

16. “Nero sits so elegantly, he’s like an ornament.”

17. “My twin black cats that like to sleep mirrored got into this position last night. ❤️”

18. “I love him.”

19. “Just a few of Jiji’s many faces.”

20. “Margot! She’s small, sweet, and delightfully weird.”

21. “I posted about my friend finding an abandoned newborn a few weeks ago, here’s an update: He is THRIVING & almost too cute to comprehend.”

What do you think makes black cats so attractive? What do you love the most about your pet?

Preview photo credit PippiL65 / Reddit
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