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22 Animals That Seem to Be Extremely Happy

Did you know that smile therapy is not only a thing, but it also shows awesome results in real life? Well, these animals have mastered it!

At Bright Side, we love having a good time, sharing a laugh and spending time with animals. Can you imagine our joy when all of these came together? We invite you to join us as we check this out!

What a happy mommy she is!

Did you know that foxes and hugs go together like bread and butter?

A coy smile from a leopard

That must have been one heck of a joke!

"I was worried about how the dog would react to the new kitten. I think it's safe to say he's happy about it."

This horse has a winning smile!

Have you ever been so happy to have legs?

Red pandas are pandas of pure joy.

A real-life version of The Fox and The Hound

Soft kitty, happy kitty...

What a nice surprise!

What are mountain leopards laughing at all the time?

Happy and zen

Slightly happy, slightly creepy...


Eucalyptus and a smile are all you need.

No one is happier to see summer than this guy.

Staying warm and cozy is essential.

Cold blood, warm heart

Everybody say, "cheese"!

Double the joy!

Did we light up your day? Please be sure to share your thoughts and smiles in the comments!

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