23 Animals in Love That Can Melt Even a Frozen Heart

Everyone knows that feeling when your heart is melting. Animals also know. According to studies, animals can fall in love just like human beings. They can hug, kiss, and behave totally like us. There are no limits to tenderness, especially if you found your soulmate.

Bright Side compiled 23 incredibly cute pictures of animals that prove love and tenderness rule the animal world.

1. Look at this sweet family nap. Love is more than just a feeling.

2. I found you and I’m not letting you go.

3. Let’s hug so tight, that no one can pull us apart.

4. We are happy, because we have each other.

5. I love you more and more every day.

6. Our love will be same strength even in a thousand years.

7. You are safe, baby. Just trust me.

8. When we’re together, we are invincible.

9. I will always be with you.

10. Ginger friends, so different, but so much love.

11. Loyalty is royalty, and they know all about it.

12. When you have family, you have everything.

13. Just like a real human family

14. I can’t resist kissing you.

15. The happiest kid

16. Let’s be a couple.

17. Please, always be with me.

18. I just need one kiss to feel better.

19. I am small, but my heart is big.

20. I brought you a flower, which is beautiful just like you.

21. Pure love is infinite.

22. To be tender doesn’t mean to be weak.

23. Love teaches everyone respect, support, and trust.

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