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24 Baby Animals That Could Instantly Thaw the Hearts of Ice Queens

Newly born and baby animals are irresistibly cute. The way they adorably cling on to us, fit in the palm of our hand, and give that innocent doe-eyed stare is enough to instantly melt the heart of the biggest macho man. Whichever breed or species they belong to, we can agree that all baby pets are truly adorable and succeed at fully stealing our attention each time we see them.

At Bright Side, we’re all for tiny creatures that instantly add a sprinkle of positivity to our day. This is why we want to share super heartwarming photos of charming pets that recently came into the world.

1. This mama husky ran out of ink while giving birth.

2. ’’Cute as a button and as big as one.’’

3. ’’My husband and our puppy are completely in love with each other.’’

4. This baby turtle is the picture of cuteness.

5. ’’Here’s my son and his first puppy. I was Facetiming with him and snapped this picture.’’

6. ’’I bought my hedgehog a tiny chair.’’

7. ’’Happiness is a warm puppy.’’

8. ’’Newest member of the family’’

9. When you’re well aware of how adorable you are:

10. ’’Our female cat who is usually anti-snuggle curled up with our newborn today.’’

11. ’’My 6’5’’ Harley-riding dad taking a nap with my 3-pound puppy — it’s true love, my friends.’’

12. ’’We found a dangerously dehydrated baby squirrel on the sidewalk yesterday. We took her home and cooled her off.’’

13. Sound asleep...

14. ’’My friend found a lost baby duck and couldn’t say no to adopting this face.’’

15. ’’My aunt just had a baby goat born earlier today.’’

16. ’’My daughter napping with her new buddy’’

17. Nap buddies

18. ’’My hedgie, Sophie, taking a nap with my girlfriend’’

19. ’’Baby snake, anyone?’’

20. ’’My 9-week-old black lab and his new best friend, my 7-month-old nephew’’

21. Talk about an infectious smile.

22. ’’The beginning of a great friendship’’

23. Wondering what he’s dreaming about...

24. ’’I took the new pup to the nursing home next door. They instantly became best friends.’’

Which baby animal would you crown as the most adorable? Have you ever taken care of a newborn pet?

Preview photo credit aussiecarnt/Imgur
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