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26 Times Pit Bulls Couldn’t Be More “Merciless” and It’s Too Adorable to Handle

If you ask several people what they think about pit bulls, you will probably hear lots of scary stories. According to these people, these dogs hate everyone, attack everything that moves (and sometimes even things that don’t move), and are dangerous even for their owners.

But we at Bright Side have seen photos of pit bulls with cats, parrots, and other pets. And we decided to find out if these photos are real.

He’s still a puppy, but he already wants everyone to know how scary his teeth are.

They look like completely harmless dew drops.

They have probably done something naughty...

This parrot has no idea that this dog is one of the most dangerous ones in the world.

They are going to get you, wherever you are.

These dogs love each other.

Those deceptive blue eyes...

No matter how many decorations there are on a dog, people are still scared.

Those jaws make such scary sounds.

It’s been said that nobody has seen the owner since this video.

Pit bulls are masters of disguise.

You should always be on the lookout.

Because their teeth are not just for smiling.

These dogs are really aggressive.

Attack machines

This is how they win your trust at first.

Don’t let them anywhere near your children!

But seriously, they are no more aggressive than any other dog breed.

If you train them right, they can live with other pets.

And even learn something from them.

Pit bulls can be very grateful. This guy follows his owner everywhere since he adopted him from a shelter.

“This is Atlas. Most people don’t like him because he is a pit bull, but all he wants is love and to be dressed up.”

They’re all good boys.

This guy loves to give kisses.

How can someone not want a high 5?

They can be great companions and true friends.

And what is your opinion of pit bulls?

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