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A Rare Husky That Could Be Confused With a Wolf Charms People With His Strikingly Blue Eyes (25+ Pics)

Huskies are most commonly found to be a mixture of white and gray, but this doesn’t apply to Quoi, a fully brown Siberian husky. This rare beauty first appeared on Instagram in March 2020 and from what we can see on the account, he loves to travel and explore nature.

Bright Side managed to pick 26 images that stood out the most and captured the true beauty and uniqueness of Quoi.

1. Just as a comparison, here’s one of the most common huskies vs the not so common Quoi.

2. “Is that food you’re holding?”

3. “Smelling all the good stuff”

4. “Who else is ready for fall?”

5. “The vet said I was the most well-mannered husky she had ever encountered.”

6. “Mom doesn’t love it when I dig, but who cares what she thinks?”

7. “Enjoying the changing colors of the Midwest”

8. “It’s getting colder out, but the flowers still remain. Mom and I both have what we want right now.”

9. “Mom finally delivered on her promise of snow.”

10. “My superpower is whenever I find brown, I become a chameleon.”

11. “Where do I get the green pointy thing for mum to decorate?”

12. This is Timber, Quoi’s little pal who was adopted by him and his human.

13. Huskies love anything related to nature, especially if it’s cold and windy.

14. “Lavender is very calming, especially when it’s next to a willow tree.”

15. “According to my Embark test, my adult weight is estimated to be 62 lb.”

16. “My dandelion wish is that everyone has a great year.”

17. “What can I say? I love the snow. Gimme that white powder!”

18. “I like feathers! Mom likes to collect them and keep them pretty, but I like to eat them.”

19. “Feeling like a wolf on the hunt today.”

20. “These flowers taste as good as they smell.”

21. “The vet thinks that I might have a strange type of Horner’s syndrome.”

22. “Can it just snow forever?”

23. “I got something in my mouth, can you guess what it is?”

24. “A little derp face for you while I get my face into this moss patch...”

25. “Do you think I have what it takes to be a model?”

26. Waiting for winter to come like:

What is your pet’s best feature that makes it irresistible to everyone? Share their photos with us.

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