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Bright Siders Share 15+ Men Who Said “No” to a Pet, but Then Changed Their Minds in a Heartbeat

For most of us, pets are members of our family. Even psychologists find that establishing a bond with a pet promotes physical and mental health. Our readers, however, have noticed that some men often get reluctant about the idea of getting a puppy or a kitten. And yet, they end up falling for these sweet little fluff balls way harder than they themselves could’ve even expected.

Our Bright Side family delighted us with swoon-worthy photos of the men in their lives who melt at the sight of their furry friends, and we’re rushing to share them with all of you.

1. “My husband didn’t want a cat. I got one anyway. Now she has nothing to do with me and adores my husband.”

2. “My boyfriend 30 minutes after saying ’you better not have got another kitten.’”

3. “He did NOT want a dog, but finally agreed.”

4. “My dad said ’no dogs.’ Not only did we get her, but he kept one of her puppies too.”

5. “The kitten I said no to... Look at that smug face.”

6. “He said he didn’t want a cat. Now they’re best friends.”

7. My husband said no you can’t bring a puppy home and if you do I’m taking her back. One year later:

8. “My foster fail: Because my husband didn’t want to adopt him to someone else.”

9. “Dog person all his life.”

10. “I don’t want a dog.” — Husband

11. “We don’t need a third dog. This is the third dog.”

12. Husband: Absolutely NO more goats! Also husband:

13. “He didn’t want a puppy.”

14. “My husband, a life-long cat hater! Yeah, whatever!”

15. “He got me.”

16. “My boyfriend hates cats but I came home with one. He says he still hates cats, but Betty is ok.”

17. “Our cat had kittens. Hubby said we aren’t keeping one. Same day I took this photo. He fell in love with them all. We kept one.”

18. “My boyfriend: ‘No discussion — we’re not getting a rabbit!’”

Do you have any photos of your loved ones and their favorite pets? Share them with us!

Preview photo credit Kristine Johnson / Facebook